What Prompted Bridget Fonda to Give Up Her Glittering Movie Career and Become an Ordinary Person

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Bridget Fonda, famed as the granddaughter of Henry, daughter of Peter, and niece of Jane, holds a prominent position in Hollywood at the age of 60. Since her retirement from acting in 2002, over two decades have passed without her presence on the screen.

Bridget didn’t simply retire; she vanished from the public eye.

Fonda enjoyed a prolific acting career spanning approximately 15 years, during which she appeared in numerous notable films. What’s intriguing is the abrupt halt her career took.

In contrast to other celebrities who announce retirements or venture into new endeavors like crafting luxury candles, Fonda departed from the limelight without fanfare. She simply faded from the scene, eschewing any grand gestures. Her final major film, Kiss of the Dragon, released in 2001 to considerable box office success. Unlike some actors who experience a gradual decline in their careers, Fonda’s exit was sudden.

This mystery surrounding her disappearance often leaves people pondering the reasons behind it.

She was never happy with her successful acting careeer.

Mary Evans/AF Archive/Graham Whitby Boot/East News

Throughout her career, Bridget Fonda frequently experienced discomfort when discussing herself, likening it to wearing an ill-fitting sweater. In one interview, she candidly reflected on her struggles with confidence, expressing, «I’m trying to be happy with my career. I think I should give myself a break, but I’ve got this bug that rides me, ‘You should be doing better.’» She admitted that despite her efforts, she often felt frustrated by her inability to match her mental expectations with her physical performance on set.

Reflecting on those who succeeded in showbiz without familial connections, Bridget Fonda acknowledged a sense of admiration for their achievements. However, she found it difficult to fully credit herself, as she grappled with the perceived influence of nepotism in her own career trajectory. Seeing individuals from non-showbiz backgrounds thrive in the industry left her impressed, yet she struggled to reconcile her own accomplishments within the context of her family’s legacy in Hollywood.

She resolved to construct her life according to her own vision.


In one of her final big interviews, she shared a story that seemed to explain everything that happened afterwards: her sudden stop in acting, disappearing from the spotlight, and choosing a regular life. It was in early 1997, she remembered, when she was really sick with the flu. She fell into a deep sadness, crying over simple things like the brightness of the sunlight outside her window, without understanding why. Finally, feeling overwhelmed, she reached out to her mom for support.

Her mom explained that Bridget’s feelings were normal at a certain point in life when you realize that life doesn’t just happen to you; you have to actively create it. And when you consider it, whether we agree or not, she kind of did just that.

Following the car crash, she vanished from public view.

EAST NEWS, Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/East News

In 2002, Bridget made the decision to retire from acting in order to prioritize her relationship and start a family. She tied the knot with renowned musician Danny Elfman in 2003, and their son, Oliver, arrived in 2005. Since then, Bridget has largely maintained a low profile, distancing herself from the Hollywood scene, although occasional sightings of her still occur.

On February 28, 2003, Bridget encountered a terrifying incident when she lost control of her car, causing it to flip down a hill. Despite the severe wreckage, Bridget emerged with only minor cuts and bruises, as reported by The New York Post. Her survival was attributed to wearing a seatbelt, which likely saved her life.

For Bridget, being an ordinary person holds greater appeal than being a celebrity.

Bridget is wholeheartedly embracing her everyday life, as she describes it. In April 2023, she made a rare public appearance emerging from LAX and entering a black SUV. Paparazzi seized the moment to inquire whether she harbored any inclination to return to Hollywood and make another movie, to which she responded with a succinct, «No.»

When pressed further, Bridget explained that she finds being an ordinary person too enjoyable to consider going back to acting.

Being a celebrity isn’t always as glamorous as it appears from the outside. While fame can bring recognition and success, it also carries a significant cost. The protagonist of our other article, a former star of the iconic TV series Baywatch who retired from acting two decades ago, serves as further proof of this.

Preview photo credit Mary Evans/AF Archive/Graham Whitby Boot/East News, Page Six / YouTube


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