A Girl Was Attacked by a Pitbull. She Underwent Facial Reconstruction Surgery and Delighted Everyone With Her New Appearance

3 months ago

Khoury is a young skateboarder and model whose life changed in an instant when her friend’s dog unexpectedly attacked her, biting off part of her upper lip and nose. Today, Khoury has undergone facial reconstruction surgeries and is sharing her journey on Instagram.

She thought it was a non-dangerous Pitbull.

Khoury was relaxing in the kitchen, showing affection to her cousin’s 8-year-old blue-nose Pitbull, Diesel. Unexpectedly, Diesel, who seemed well-behaved, suddenly lunged at her. Remaining calm, she went straight to the hospital, hoping for a quick fix to her injured upper lip.

Despite the efforts of surgeons, her injured lip proved challenging to repair. She checked her phone to assess her appearance, only to realize later that it had captured a photo during the incident. «I knew it was serious, but I underestimated the severity,» she shared. The photo proved crucial, assisting the doctor in analyzing the bite marks and reconstructing the events of the attack.

She documented her mental and physical healing journey.

Khoury isn’t your typical social media user. She aims for authenticity and honesty. In a heartfelt post, she shared, «I don’t know how to explain the way that I feel when I look in the mirror. It’s as if I’m a stranger, embodied in someone I’ve known before.» Transparent and vulnerable, she opened up about her recovery journey on Instagram. «When I was attacked, it was so hard to see what the future held for me,» she revealed.

She expressed gratitude to those who encouraged her to have faith in the healing process. While acknowledging the initial fear of seeing her post-surgery appearance, she embraced her transformed self with confidence.

On Instagram, she shatters the illusion of perfection.

Khoury, known as the skateboarding queen, showcased her resilience after the injury didn’t stop her from pursuing her passion. Instagram became her platform, where she proudly displayed both the triumphs and challenges. Falls and setbacks? She shared them openly, rejecting the notion of a polished reality. By defying the pressure for perfection on social media, she embraced her true self.

She refused to let her injury hold her back.

She remained undefeated by her injury. Despite ongoing surgeries, she celebrated her femininity. A trip to Sephora to explore new lip glosses became a moment of spontaneous joy that she shared with the world.

Khoury’s love story is truly inspiring.

Her life has taken a beautiful turn as she is now in a relationship with Chloé Lukasiak, the Dance Moms alum. Celebrating one year together, Khoury shared a heartwarming message, saying, «This year, because of you, has been, by far, the greatest year of my life.»

She leverages her personal platform to assist others.

Khoury isn’t simply sharing her story for fun. She’s leveraging her platforms to support others. On her Instagram, she welcomed anyone facing challenges, offering a listening ear and encouragement. «If you are going through something physically or mentally or just need someone to talk to, I am here,» she affirmed. For Khoury, life resembles a skate park — filled with unexpected twists, turns, and occasional challenges like the Pitbull incident.

Khoury is looking better every day.

Khoury continues to actively share her life on Instagram, expressing satisfaction with her appearance and showcasing successful healing. Commenters support the girl and admire her appearance and the work of surgeons.

«Your surgeon is simply an amazing master, and I can’t even imagine the effort it took for you and the doctors. Indeed, life can take unexpected turns, but you handled this terribly difficult experience incredibly bravely. I stumbled upon your account by chance, and honestly, it deeply touched me. I wish you strength and patience, and I hope you’ve recovered not only physically but also emotionally. The external result is simply amazing, and I’m very proud of you.» wrote one.

Surgeons’ work can save a person’s life and improve their appearance. Here’s the journey of another girl who decided on double jaw surgery.


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