«What Really Happened?» Princess of Wales’ Secret Surgery Stirs Heated Rumors, Prompting Palace to Clarify

4 months ago

The Princess of Wales recently underwent a confidential surgery, prompting Catherine to refrain from participating in public events as she opted for a vacation instead. The situation has given rise to numerous rumors, leading Kensington Palace to issue a statement to address the speculation.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, has expressed a desire for privacy.


The Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery on January 16, 2024. The palace provided minimal details, stating that it was her decision to maintain privacy. They mentioned that additional information would only be disclosed in the event of significant developments.


Following a 13-day hospital stay, which is standard for this type of surgery, she was discharged on January 29 and returned home for her recovery. The Princess won’t be participating in any public events until after Easter. According to a palace insider, this cautious approach is a wise decision, as hastily returning to work can have adverse effects on one’s health. The insider suggested that we all take a cue from her example.

The secrecy surrounding her surgery gave rise to rumors.

Concerns arose regarding the Princess of Wales when William, Prince of Wales, was absent from a memorial service for his godfather. Despite the palace’s assurance that she was in good health, various speculative stories about her well-being circulated among some individuals. A worried fan questioned, «Sorry, kids, but something smells about all of this. What are they covering up?» Another netizen commented on the vagueness, saying, «What really happened, Kate? No one has seen her since Christmas. No one saw her enter the hospital, and no one saw her leave the hospital... Where is Kate? How is she really?»

A spokesperson for the Princess of Wales said they were clear from the start that she was out until after Easter, and they didn’t have anything new to share. They repeated that she was doing well, and asked people to respect her privacy.

Amidst her recovery, Catherine took a respite and headed to Anmer Hall, the Norfolk residence shared with Prince William and their three children. This retreat coincided with the kids’ school break in February.

According to a source, the Princess of Wales was in good spirits and sought to relish some fresh air and family moments. She could unwind in Norfolk while the children enjoyed quality time with their father.

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Maybe she had a nervous breakdown, like the Japanese empress when she was the crown princess.


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