“What’s Wrong With Her?” Katy Perry Rocks a Dress That Leaves Little to the Imagination, Sparks Controversy

2 weeks ago

Katy Perry wowed the audience as she strutted down the runway for Vogue World: Paris. However, her dress, featuring geometric shapes that left her partially exposed, quickly became a hot topic online and ignited a heated controversy.

The “California Gurls” singer, 39, made a breathtaking entrance at Place Vendôme, the iconic Parisian plaza. She wore an archival Noir Kei Ninomiya dress, featuring geometric shapes and tulle floral embellishments on the skirt. The revealing garment showcased much of Perry’s skin, but she exuded confidence and elegance as she walked around the plaza, captivating the VIP guests in attendance.

I think this dress is terrible. I think she is selling herself to the highest drive by buyer. I think the most shell get for ant guy to buy her for a backseat fing is a $1.00.


Perry, who surprised everyone, including viewers watching the livestream hosted by Cara Delevingne, wore her dark hair slicked back, accentuating her striking features. Her makeup featured a harmonious blend of rosy lip color and matching eyeshadow, and she completed her look with edgy lace-up boots.

Katy Perry’s walk was a highlight of the 1980s segment, which paid homage to martial arts. This year’s Vogue World event celebrated the intersection of fashion and sports, with each decade from the 1920s onward spotlighting a different sport. The show prominently featured both contemporary and historic French designers and fashion houses, emphasizing Paris’s pivotal role in the fashion world.

The event was a spectacular showcase with over 500 athletes, performers, surprise guests, and models participating. It seamlessly blended the vibrancy of sports with the elegance of fashion, creating a dynamic and memorable experience.

Videos of her runway walk were shared across several fashion-focused social media channels, and opinions about her look quickly flooded the comment sections. Most people complimented the dress on her, leaving comments like, “Katy Perry’s ability to pull off so many things is my favorite part,” and “The beautiful, wonderful Katy Perry is truly back.”

However, the singer’s fashion choice did not resonate with all users. Among the comments were remarks such as, “Fashion is not nakedness,” and “What’s wrong with her?.. Getting weird day by day!” Most of the negative feedback focused on the amount of nudity in her outfit. One person even asked, “Why don’t you just pose topless?”

Oh Katy, you have managed to choose the trashiest dress to wear for all your fans. I always thought you were a woman of class, but I now see I was wrong.


Katy Perry’s stunning presence at Vogue World: Paris exemplifies the ongoing intersection of fashion and entertainment, producing unforgettable moments. With her bold appearance and forward-thinking fashion choices, Perry reaffirmed her status as a beloved icon in the industry.

Preview photo credit katyperry / Instagram


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