11 Reasons Why Women From All Around the World Are Jealous of French Ladies

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For the entire world, French women have always been the picture of elegance and femininity. And what amazes us the most is how easily they manage to look stunning. We decided to reveal some of the secrets French women use to achieve their unique beauty.

11. They prefer non-traumatizing manicures.

What you may know as a “French manicure” has nothing to do with France, and even though it’s really popular, French women don’t get them. They prefer gentle manicures without gel polish, and they usually take care of their nails themselves.

10. They always use micellar water.

Micellar water is very popular in France. And this isn’t surprising since regular tap water is quite hard, so it dries the skin and causes flaking. To avoid this negative effect, it’s important to keep the skin hydrated, so micellar water is vital. It doesn’t only remove makeup well, but it also removes any dirt from clogged pores.

9. They do facial massages.

You must’ve heard about the positive effects of facial massages. When done regularly and correctly, it’s supposed to relax the muscles and lift the skin, getting rid of swelling and reducing signs of aging. As it turns out, French women do this type of massage every day (or at least once a week) to get rid of stress and make the skin smoother.

8. They don’t like push-up bras.

ABACA / Abaca / East News, PacificCoastNews / Esat News

In the wardrobes of French girls, you won’t find many big bras or push-up designs. Yes, they value beauty, but comfort and looking natural are far more important. Slim-fitting bodysuits, bralettes, and tops made of thin lace are the things that help French girls feel great.

7. They walk a lot.

Coqueran / Coleman-Rayner / East News, AFP / East News

The number of people carrying extra weight in France is relatively low, and the secret is in their lifestyle. We all know that in order to stay slim, we need a good diet and enough physical activity.

This is why women in France love eating natural meals, and the servings are quite small. But the main secret is walking a lot. Driving on busy roads in the city is not always convenient, so walking to work and back is an important part of life for French women.

6. They have snacks before cooking.

You know the feeling when you come back home from work and you’re so starving that it’s hard to restrain yourself from eating just a regular serving of food? French women, however, have a healthy habit that helps them reduce stress — they have a snack when they come home. They enjoy nuts or olives with hummus, and only then, when they’re not starving anymore, do they start cooking dinner.

5. They drink only black coffee.

French women prefer black coffee — no cream or sugar. It’s not considered the tastiest, but they believe it’s all about how you make it. To really get that great taste, you need to buy high-quality coffee (freshly ground) and make it in a French press. The smell and taste will be so pleasant that you won’t need any sugar.

4. Meals are a ritual.

As we said before, French women don’t use food as fuel. In France, having a meal is a ritual, and this time of the day is sacred. This is why French girls are very meticulous about it: they eat only sitting at the table, and when they order food, they don’t use disposable dishes, watch TV, or read. They cook with love and enjoy every bite. Not only does this prevent overeating, but it also allows them to rest when they eat.

3. They don’t use too many beauty injections (nor do they talk about them).

French women treat aging differently than many of us do. First of all, they pay more attention to good self-care and try to slow down aging. But when the wrinkles do become noticeable, of course, they go to beauticians. But they try to preserve their natural beauty and individuality. The myth that French women are not afraid of getting old exists because, in France, people keep the beauty procedures they have done a secret.

2. They love beautiful underwear but never neglect their comfort.

Some people believe that French women only wear lace underwear. But, as it turns out, this isn’t true. French-born model Camille Rowe revealed that she and all her French friends prefer wearing big cotton panties.

1. They don’t torture their hair with styling products.

Xavier Collin / Avalon / Photoshot / East News, Invision / Invision / East News

Natural locks and slight messiness are famous for French hair. To achieve this effect, you don’t need tons of styling products.

“Leave your hair alone” is the main rule French women follow. They wash their hair 2 or 3 times a week, don’t use a hair dryer, and even go to bed with wet hair, which gives them that “messiness.” They do a hair mask once a week and use hair oil before stepping into the shower.

It turns out that it’s not really that hard to be as beautiful as an actual French woman. All you need is to follow several simple rules, take good care of yourself, and try to enjoy life as much as possible. Please tell us in the comment section below what you do to always be healthy and beautiful.


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