Why Sydney Sweeney Regarded by Science As the Most Attractive Woman on Earth

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Sydney Sweeney, celebrated for her performances in hit shows like Euphoria and The Handmaid’s Tale, has emerged as a beauty icon in Hollywood. But what exactly makes her so captivating? Let’s explore the science behind her allure.

She was insecure about her looks in high school.

Sydney’s journey began in high school when she made a decision she never regretted. Thinking back on her past, Sweeney mentioned that she developed earlier than other girls in middle school, leading to self-esteem issues. “I used to feel uncomfortable,” she said, considering breast reduction, but her mom persuaded her otherwise.

Playing Cassie in the show was a big confidence boost for her. Despite these challenges, she faced them bravely, growing into a successful actress in Hollywood. Later, she captured headlines due to chemistry with co-star Glen Powell, though both dismissed the dating rumors.

Some people don’t believe she has a natural look.

Back in the day most of the women were natural beauties, it's so rare now they make a big deal about it haha. I think Sydney is a fantastic actress.


There’s been speculation about the extent of Syndey Sweeney’s natural beauty, prompting questions about whether she’s had plastic surgery. Two dermatology experts have weighed in on the matter.

Emma Coleman, a dermatology and aesthetic RGN at Emma Coleman Skin, suggested, “In my professional opinion, Syndey Sweeney has had Botox and possibly a brow lift.” She also noted signs of mud face rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid dermal filler and cheek implants.

However, not all professionals agree. Dr. Olya Vorodyukhina, an aesthetics trainer and founder of Angels Twelve clinic, expressed skepticism, stating that at Sydney’s young age, it’s unlikely she’s undergone any procedures.

What are the perfect body proportions?

Plastic surgeon Onur Gilleard explains it as a “golden ratio” of facial proportions. Sydney’s features, he says, embody symmetry and harmony, a hallmark of classical beauty. Dr. Gilleard elaborates: “The golden ratio in facial proportions can be applied both horizontally, known as the ‘rule of fifths,’ and vertically, known as the ‘rule of thirds.’”

For instance, a beautiful nose should have a gentle curve and proper projection. The angle between the nose and lip is critical, ideally falling between 95–100 degrees. Viewing from the front, the width of the nose should match the inner eye distance, with the nasal tip being a third of the total width.

Similarly, lips should be proportionate to the nose, with the upper lip’s vertical height matching 1:1.6 with the lower lip. The ideal chin position is around 1mm behind a line dropped from the upper lip. High, defined cheekbones also play a significant role in female attractiveness.

Analyzing Sydney’s face, Dr. Gilleard notes that she meets nearly all these criteria, earning her the title of a “classical beauty.” “Sydney Sweeney’s beauty extends beyond her facial features. Her figure, too, embodies ideal proportions, reflecting the same ‘golden ratio.’” Despite her physical attributes, Sydney advocates for body confidence, encouraging everyone to embrace their unique beauty.

People often create lists of the most beautiful women or men in the world or those with perfect bodies, whether based on science or personal opinion. However, it’s crucial to remember that true beauty comes from feeling confident and accepting yourself.


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