Woman Spent £130k on Leg-Lengthening Surgery Due to Her Husband’s Hurtful Remarks, and Now She’s Filled with Regret

10 months ago

Many of us may harbor insecurities or concerns about our physical appearance. Height, though, is typically an immutable trait. People inherit their tall or short stature through their genes, and it’s a characteristic we simply learn to accept. Nevertheless, there is one woman who, dissatisfied with her height, made a rather unconventional decision to become taller and took extreme measures to achieve this goal.

Theresia Fischer invested a mind-boggling amount of money to increase her height.

At a staggering cost of £130,000, Theresia Fischer, a German model, endured an arduous surgical procedure aimed at increasing the length of her legs by 5.5 inches. This involved the insertion of metal rods into her legs. Consequently, she now stands at a towering height of six feet. However, regretfully, Theresia now wishes she hadn’t done it.

The driving force behind her decision to undergo the surgery was the constant comments about her appearance from her ex-husband.

Now the woman regrets her choice, and explains why.

In a recent interview, the 31-year-old model shared her reasons for regretting her decision. She explained that her ex-husband had persistently pressured her to alter her appearance, despite her initial contentment with it. At the time, she wasn’t even aware that such surgical procedures existed.

Theresia went on to reveal that her husband had repeatedly told her, “Theresia, you know I like big ladies. So I would really like this. You could get up to 14 centimeters more. You can’t do anything without me. You need me.” She further elaborated that she had heard these words so frequently that she began to believe she was inadequate without his approval.

Theresia continues, “I’ve never dealt with that before because I’ve always been happy with my body. I am ashamed because I consented to an operation that shouldn’t have had.”

She also faced huge criticism from internet users. She says, “I now feel happy and satisfied with my legs, but I’m hit by a wave of hate on the Internet. It hurts me a lot.”

It’s not just ordinary individuals who make decisions about plastic surgeries and procedures that they later come to regret. We previously discussed the case of Priyanka Chopra, whose unfortunate experience with a botched facial surgery nearly ruined her career.


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