«You forgot your pants, John! » Some Fans Are Shocked From Daddy-Daughter Image John Legend Posted

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John Legend is not just a talented musician, but also a devoted family man. He is married to Chrissy Teigen, a model and cookbook author. Legend is known for being a great dad to their kids, including their younger daughter. Recently, he posted a photo of them together, but his outfit caused a mixed reaction.

The Instagram post shared by John Legend, pictured below, captured a heartwarming father-daughter moment with Esti Maxine, his second youngest. The photo, seemingly taken just before the Academy Awards, depicts John Legend without pants, donning a dress shirt and tuxedo jacket, paired with long socks. He is proudly looking at his daughter, who looks happy as ever, rocking a pink dress.

Critical and contradictory comments were not long in coming. Some followers doubted the relevance of such a photo.

  • You forgot your pants, John! © rebeccakeefe61 / Instagram
  • John, I know you meant well with this pic. What’s wrong with you showing the world you look like you have no underwear on as well! Looking at the bottom of your shirt. You are a father... Have some type of respect. Why post this... Some things you must think about before you post. This doesn’t look too good. I definitely love all the talent you have. This is just not cute! ©
    fashionimpact2007 / Instagram

In response to the mixed reactions, another social media user chimed in, dismissing the concerns about John Legend’s attire: «These comments are a joke! My goodness, I’m sure he has underwear on! What’s the difference if this was mom wearing a skirt? Give it a rest, people!»

Some users lightened the mood by finding humor in the situation. One commenter humorously related to the scene, saying, «Me at home being a remote worker 😂😂», while another joked, «You forgot your shoes. Otherwise, you’re good to go.»

All the chitchat prompted John Legend to later respond in a classy, yet humorous manner. He shared a picture from the red carpet with the caption, «Ok, I wore pants. Boy, did I wear pants.»

Some celebrity fathers show that being a dad is an incredibly special and rewarding experience, particularly when it comes to their relationships with their daughters. Through their actions and public displays of affection, these fathers highlight the deep bond and love they have for their girls, showing the world that fatherhood is a profoundly meaningful and fulfilling role.

Preview photo credit johnlegend / Instagram


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