«You Look Like 50.» People Are Accusing Kylie Jenner of Excessive Plastic Surgery and Filters

4 months ago

The appearance of Kylie Jenner has been widely discussed for many years. However, recent photos of the star have stirred a new wave of rumors and gossip. The 26-year-old chose an unusual, subtle look with minimal makeup. However, online discussions quickly began suggesting that Kylie looks 40 or even 50, and that her Instagram photos are retouched.

Kylie Jenner has openly acknowledged using lip fillers.

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Addressing the common misconception about extensive facial surgeries and insecurities, the Kylie Cosmetics founder clarified that despite the assumption that she was insecure and had numerous facial alterations, she was always a confident individual. Jenner admitted to having a specific concern about her lips, expressing her love for full lips. She chose to get lip fillers to address this particular insecurity, emphasizing that it was a personal decision that brought her satisfaction.

People online criticized her over recent video of her face.

Kylie Jenner’s use of fillers has been a long-standing topic of public discussion. Recently, she faced online criticism after a video of her face at Paris Fashion Week sparked negative comments. Some individuals on Instagram resorted to making remarks, questioning why she appeared older, with comments like «Why does she look 40?» This incident highlights the pervasive judgment and unsolicited opinions celebrities like Kylie Jenner often endure regarding their appearance.

Instagram is ablaze with debates.

Kylie posted photos and videos on her Instagram taken on the same day, but she looks different. It’s possible she managed to manipulate the lighting, whereas the event had unfavorable lighting. However, commenters immediately suspected her of using filters. :"The edited pictures," wrote one. «You look like 50 years, no 26, Are you abusing botox or hyaluronic acid, something like that?» another wrote. «She looks different in her Instagram posts compared to other cameras.»

Amidst the hate, there were also kind comments supporting Kylie. «I am absolutely loving this all natural Kylie look! You are glowing and stunning!» one woman wrote. «Wow! Are you really a mother of 2 kids?» another added.

Indeed, the appearance of many people changes over the years. However, some celebrities undergo such transformations that we can hardly recognize them.

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