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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Coolest Weird Buildings From Around the World

The architecture that we see everyday around us can affect our mood tremendously. However, there are so many architects out there who only care about finishing projects that end up being dull and depressing. But, the positive thing is that there are many other professionals who pay extreme attention on the uniqueness of their designs. They want to leave something behind in the world that draws people’s attention and makes them feel better.
Check out some of the most incredible architecture in buildings and metros that you can find all around the world.

1. “This bizarre upside down house.”

2. “An extremely skinny building in London, in the UK.”

3. Casa torcida, Sopot

4. Gulliver left his boot behind.

5. Stadion Metro Station in Stockholm, Sweden

6. A building with a personality

7. This building looks like it came straight from the cosmos.

8. Casa do Penedo, Fafe

9. Solna Centrum Subway Station in Stockholm, Sweden

10. “Melting House at Gare du Nord, Paris”

11. A building that’s melting right in front of you

12. Puente de Oro, Da Nang

13. Olaias Metro Station in Lisbon, Portugal

14. “It’s just a basket... oh, wait! It’s a building.”

15. “The fascinating building of the Keep Memory Alive Event Center in Las Vegas, in the US”

16. El árbol blanco, Montpellier

17. House in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

18. Valley building, Amsterdam

19. “Private apartments and a health food store inhabit this building.”

20. “Definitely some weird high-tech evil things happening in this building with green lights.”

What is the most fascinating building you’ve ever seen and where was it? Have you taken any photos of peculiar buildings from around the world? If so, let us see your own architecture pics!

Preview photo credit, samalois / reddit
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