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18 People Whose Imagination We Have to Chase in Order to Catch

Scientists divide creativity into two categories: the “little-c” and the “Big-C”. In the first category, we have tasks like making a birthday present or coming up with a hilarious joke. In the second category, things like writing an original poem and conducting an experiment are included. Falling under either one of the categories should be considered a moment of pride and the people we have gathered sure do fall in these categories.

1. “Watering can and spraybottle.”

2. “My friend has a beard — he looked up today.”

3. “My boyfriend said he’s going to go as baby me for Halloween.”

4. “Howdy, Meow’lady — I made my cat a hat out of his own hair.”

5. “I made a rug of my cat. I think it looks a little derpy, but it looks pretty close for being a rug!”

6. “Nail polish bottle has a swatch of the colour attached to the bottle so you can see how the colour looks on you.”

7. “My boyfriend and his friends have been pretending to be body guards for one of their friends all day in Disneyland.”

8. “My boyfriend thought it would be funny to bring our cat into the pool. This picture is the result.”

9. “My wife has been waiting for this Halloween since we first heard we were having twin girls.”

10. “This ceramic coffee mug that looks like it’s made of cardboard.”

11. “My friends’ Halloween costume as yin and yang.”

12. “My friend needed a Turtle costume for a party, so I made this.”

13. “I made a bed for my baby.”

14. “A car fender bicycle.”

15. “My friend recently graduated with a degree in animal science. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a better grad picture.”

16. “He said Batman should have wings... I kind of agree with him.”

17. She makes chandelier earrings.

Diana Caldarescu / Ferrari Press / East News, Diana Caldarescu / Ferrari Press / East News

18. “Mini ice-cream with a coffee in The Hague.”

What is one great idea you have sitting in your brain that you would like to see coming alive? What is stopping you from making it happen?

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