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21 People Show Off Their Embroidery With as Much Pride as If They’d Discovered Water on Mars

In a world filled with so much technology, it would seem that spending time on things like embroidery is old-fashioned. However, some people prove that it is something worth practicing. Investing 5 years to achieve a perfect cross stitch or improving a technique to create a landscape, are just some examples of their dedication and talent.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we found photos of several works made with thread that are worthy of admiration, and that inspired us to take the needle and other materials to make our own creation.

1. “Made this for a friend of her beautiful home village.”

2. “I did it!!! Biggest finish ever, took almost 5 years!”

3. “Beginning to embroider, but I’m a guy and a lot of my pals make fun of this sort of stuff. I was proud of this and thought you people might appreciate this.”

4. “First custom landscape in this style, thoughts?”

5. “My Mum sewed this Mermaid over 18 years ago and it has been left folded up inside a cupboard, I’ve told her she should frame it!”

6. “First time trying freehand embroidery with this portrait of my niece!”

7. “We planned a wedding for 100 guests. I cross stitched the portraits of all of them, and for the 4 people I have never seen I made little boards with their names for the seats at their tables.”

8. “Lavender Fields of Provence for my dad’s 53rd birthday (because he never stops talking about that place).”

9. “I’m kinda known around the office for wearing Docs everyday, so my wonderful coworker made this just for me!”

10. “A 2020 update: lost the boyfriend, but kept the cat. Priorities.”

11. “Sunshine on a rainy day”

12. “I tried to do a self portrait.”

13. “3rd ever embroidery — loosely based on Thunderclouds Over Wheatfield by Van Gogh.”

14. “I’m a father who learned to cross stitch because his daughter wanted an Aurora ‘old fashioned’ (a.k.a. cross stitch) picture. Page 1 complete of a 9 page, full coverage piece... this took me about 5 days, but pace definitely cannot be maintained...”

15. “My friend has had a tough time recently. The final straw was when the company she bought her sofa from told her they’d lost her sofa and she wouldn’t have it in time for X-mas. I cross stitched a pattern with a sassy comment she said to the sofa company in anger in an effort to cheer her up.”

16. “I don’t name my embroidered picture because everyone may see something different in them.”

17. “I made this embroidery of my cat!”

18. “Tiny terrarium”

19. “Some stitches I finished over the span of a month for Christmas gifts! All patterns are from Studio Ansitru.”

20. “I was hoping to finish this by October, but life happens. I am absolutely loving this pattern on the navy blue aida, though!”

21. “Miss Maple with her cross stitch portrait.”

What handicrafts have you made lately? If you want, you can share a photo of your artwork with us.

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