15 Pics That Put the Sharpness of Our Eyes to the Test

2 years ago

Photography is as unpredictable as the weather. When you think you’re getting a standard photo of your dog at the beach, you actually end up with a giant over a waterfall. With no Photoshop in the mix, these magic tricks mostly happen due to weird angles.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gives you free access to some of the most mind-boggling pics around.

1. “Yes, I do have legs.”

2. “A giant dog over a vast waterfall”

3. “2 pics in 1 shot — half night, half day”

4. “My glasses are both in the right position and upside down.”

5. “I took a picture of my roommate and the server looks like he has a really long arm.”

6. “This picture I took of 2 swans that looks like 1 swan with a smaller second head.”

7. “It could be a floating cat or a cat on a floating shelf.”

8. The plant isn’t actually that big.

9. “Oh no, my Jared deflated.”

10. “Because of the way this picture was taken, the woman in the frame looks shorter than she actually is.”

11. “A reflection of the tunnel in mirrored sunglasses”

12. “Squirrels have been busy carving a pumpkin illusion in our yard.”

13. “My clip-on sunglasses look like an insect.”

14. These paw prints could be raised or depressed.

15. “Angles make it look like I’m holding a giant cat.”

Do you have your own pictures that can make people question their eyesight? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit Reanalyzed / Reddit


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