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15 Women Who Waived Goodbye to Hair Removal and Are Thrilled About It

The hair removal industry made a little over 1 billion in 2021, projected to reach almost 3 billion by 2030. This means that more and more people, both men and women, remove their hair. However, there is a large group of women who also refuse to fall into those statistics. It’s these people who choose to go completely razor-free or stop shaving one or more parts of their bodies.

1. Model Sophia Hadjipanteli is thriving in her career thanks to her bushy eyebrows.

2. “The ’70s called, they want their shag back!”

3. “Loving my fuzzy legs”

4. “Armpit hair looks good.”

5. Natural is beautiful.

6. “Rocking these at the pool today!”

7. “We are the nature.”

8. “Went to my fave river spot for a little EARTH DAY CLEANUP...”

9. “Really going to miss ’armpits out’ weather.”

10. “When you don’t take criticism well and someone comments on your pit hair”

11. “Hanging out with an apple tree dropping blossoms everywhere!”

12. “When I was young, I worried about people thinking body hair was gross. Then I got older and realized life’s simpler without shaving.”

13. “This good memory of my first restaurant date with my partner”

14. “I’ve kept my upper lip hair ever since I was a young girl. It has never bothered me, but it always has bothered some other (close-minded) people.”

15. “I can’t wait to show off my hairy body this summer.”

What is your opinion on body hair? Do you shave any parts of your body but leave others in their natural state?

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