Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Times the Universe Found a Peculiar Way to Leave Us Speechless

Some people believe that there are no coincidences in life and that every single event happens to send us a well-defined message. And if we look back at some situations, we notice that our past often repeats itself, or we encounter our own story getting mirrored in others. As if the Universe is trying to communicate with us to remind us that of our story had already been written in advance.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share with you some curious events that will prove life is a fascinating ride where the past and the present often meet.

1. ’’My local Animal Shelter was shown on TV, with a focus on the cat that I adopted. I got to learn about her entire past!’’

2. ’’My son is the real life version of the book he got for Christmas.’’

3. “10 years ago, I went off to college, and people I didn’t know kept calling me ’Brian.’ My name is Josh. A few weeks later, I met Brian.”

4. “Proposed to my girlfriend of 4 years where we met at the University of Michigan.”

5. “Bikes were a huge part of what initially brought us together.”

6. ’’My mom ran into someone with the same tattoo as her in the same spot as her just mirrored.’’

7. “In a happy coincidence, our daughter turned 4 on Mother’s Day. What a great double celebration.”

8. “After 25 years of never having seen another one of these, I found out my boyfriend of 2.5 years has one exactly like it.”

9. “I met her on my first day of college, but then we parted ways for 7 years.”

“A twist of fate brought us back together, and now I never have to worry about losing her again.”

10. “My son celebrating his first birthday with his 103-year-old grandma. Both born on the same day.”

11. “My brothers-in-law are twins and their babies were just born on the same day.”

12. “The first picture we ever were in together, then 7 years later. We met in MMA class.”

13. “Our moms were best friends and had us around the same time. We’ve been best friends for 24 years!”

14. “We met on Reddit 5 years ago today, so it seemed like a good day for an elopement. We do!”

“We took this picture together.”

15. “We rescued Suzie 2 weeks before they diagnosed my grandma with heart failure. I feel like she’s her angel.”

16. “My mom’s cousin took me out to help me feel better from a recent breakup. This coincidence of a message was in my fortune cookie.”

17. “On the day my wife and I got married, we met a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.”

18. ’’When I was looking through my photos, I realized that I unknowingly took 2 photos of the same bull, 5 years apart."

Have you ever ended up meeting someone by chance? Is there anything that happened to you that was just a twist of fate?

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