Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 Heart-warming Photos That Can Make Your Eyes Water

Many scientists have said that people nowadays have become more selfish and inconsiderate than ever before. That’s why they find it hard to care about others and feel for them. However, it is vital for society for people to care for one another and concentrate on something other than our little world.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wanted to share these 20 pictures that show how life is full of touching and eye-watering moments.

1. “A baby elephant holding the caretaker’s hand”

2. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls together for the first time. They’re a month old today.”

3. “We finally met our goal weight! My 25 lbs baby!”

4. “My wedding ring on my daughter’s arm (1lb, 12 oz) — born at 26 weeks.”

5. “A homeless man in Las Vegas who carries his dog on his back everywhere he goes.”

6. “My doggy died of cancer and my cat misses him.”

7. “My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at 7 months pregnant, started chemo 7 weeks ago, and gave birth to a healthy baby boy early this morning!”

8. “At least not everyone hates snow”

9. “Our golden has terminal lymphoma, and yesterday was a bad day for him. This is how I found him and his sister.”

10. “I found a baby bunny and my dog wants to keep it.”

11. “My son, comforting his best friend at the vet.”

12. “Our son gets to finally come home after spending a month in the NICU after he was born.”

13. “My mom and my best boy saying their goodbyes — a dog’s love and connection is so pure.”

14. “This dog likes to hold its owners hand at all times. You can pet him and right after that he will return to to his owner to ask him to hold his hand.”

15. “This is my wife and 5 other women who also lost their babies in the third trimester, celebrating their rainbows.”

16. “First night home with baby — help me!”

17. “My mom found out she was a match and gave me a kidney. There is no greater hero in my eyes.”

18. “Our cat had a rough day and came to my boyfriend for comfort.”

19. “My premature daughter holding my finger for the first time at 9 days old.”

20. “The look on that seal’s face”

Have you ever heard of or experienced a story with such heavy baggage? If so, please feel free to share it with us.

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