Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

How 14 Stars of Our Favorite TV Series Have Changed Over the Years

When our daily routine becomes too predictable, we can always turn to our favorite TV shows and immerse ourselves in their captivating plotlines. Whether they are centered around ghosts, vampires, aliens, or witches, these shows have kept us fascinated from the start until the very end of each episode. Over time, the charismatic heroes of these series have surely changed, but they remain as stunning as ever.

12 Celebrities Who Chose to Change a Lot About Their Appearance

As years go by, most people change naturally or they choose to make certain changes to their appearance. It can be a whole new hairstyle, dramatic weight loss or even cosmetic procedures. We believe that as long as someone is happy with themselves and their appearance, they can do whatever they please.

14 Beloved TV and Movie Stars From the 80s and 90s We’re Happy to See Again

Not every actor that has ever appeared in a beloved movie or TV series has managed to stay on top for decades. With so many talented thespians coming onto the scene every single year, some of the older ones are pushed aside. Some of them, though, manage to stay relevant one way or another and keep on having small or bigger roles. We are just glad that we have them around to remind us of the good old days.

7 Massive Appearance Changes You Need to Think About Carefully Before Making

Things like tattoos and piercings have been around for centuries, with some people getting them for cultural reasons. However, in recent years, more and more modifications are being chosen by people. Some of them are easier to fix if needed and some of them are even life-threatening if not done carefully. That’s why we should always think carefully about anything we do on our bodies.

18 Heartthrobs Who Are Still Incredibly Appealing Despite Getting Older

As we grow older, we notice the aging signs not only on ourselves but also on those we care about. And even the stars we admire cannot retain their youthful appearance forever. However, the passage of time does not necessarily decrease their attractiveness. Because the charm of some people lasts forever, and these dashing men are the proof of this.

These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Women Based on Scientific Criteria

You might have observed how some people appear to be more attractive than others. In fact, there exists a scientific explanation for this, because beauty in our world is often governed by the rule of the golden ratio. And even though the majority of celebrities are considered to be attractive by most people, here are the top 10 famous women who are the most beautiful according to science.

8 Celebrities Who Will or Have Already Welcomed Kids This Year and We Couldn’t Be Happier for Them

Around 385,000 babies are born every single day around the world and this number will probably stay the same until 2070. This means that our population keeps growing steadily and many couples keep welcoming new members into their families. Celebrities are also part of the equation and in 2023 many of them will welcome their children or have already done so.

5+ Style Details That Made Lady Diana the Legendary Princess She Was

Princess Diana is perhaps one of the most well-known and beloved princesses in history. She has received praise for a variety of reasons, not simply her appealing personality and all the wonderful actions she has done. Her unique sense of style has also attracted attention. She was incredibly meticulous when it came to her style choices, thus we shared a few fashion secrets she had under her sleeve that few people are aware of.

15 Celebrities Whose New Makeup Style Suits Them Even Better

People’s makeup styles are constantly changing depending on what’s trending. For 2023, things like faux freckles and experimenting with eyebrows, like bleaching them, seem to be the most popular trends. When it comes to celebrities, even though they don’t always adhere to the latest trends, their makeup style continues to evolve. To show this, we put together a few before-and-after photos of stars proving that the right makeup can do wonders for you.

15+ Celebrity Kids Who Share an Uncanny Resemblance to Their Famous Parents

When we look at some celebrity offspring, we can immediately guess who their famous parent is, due to their uncanny resemblance. And we’d notice that many of these children have not only inherited their famous parents’ looks, but also their artistic talent. Because a large number of them are carving a path in Hollywood too, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

14 Celebrities with Their Siblings Who Show How Strong Family Ties Can Be

Having siblings affects our well-being in a positive way. One study has shown that having a sister makes people more likely to feel happier. And another research found that having a loving sibling of either gender promoted good deeds (for example, helping neighbors). In this article, we’ll have a look at some celebs’ brothers and sisters.

13 Unique Fashion Models Who Are Making Waves in the Modelling World

Back in the day, being a model meant being really tall, skinny and breathtakingly beautiful. However, nowadays, the standards have changed and modelling has become more inclusive. People with unconventional beauty work as professional models and leave their own mark in the industry. It doesn’t really matter how you look or how heavy you are, but if you can be a model.

15 Hollywood Heartthrobs Through Time That Show How Male Beauty Standards Have Changed

Ever since cinema came to be, people have been falling head over heels with actors. Along with their talent, their charisma and handsome looks made it easy for them to steal the show. However, beauty standards are constantly evolving and with them so do our beloved on-screen hunks.

15 Mixed-Race People Who Rock the World and Our Hearts With Their Beauty

Mixed-race people are perceived as more attractive than those who are of a single race, says a study. Whether it’s their distinctive features, rooted in 2 or more different cultures, or simply their own charm, it’s tough to deny that some mixed-race individuals radiate beauty. We gathered a few of them who might just take your breath away.

14 Flabbergasting Facts About Celebrities You Had No Idea About

Most of the times when we see celebrities, we see them looking amazing in their fancy and expensive clothes. But behind the scenes, they are nothing more than normal people who have phobias and unusual stories to share. When they decide to open up to the world, we get to see a side of them we never imagined.

15 Female Stars Over 50 Who Said “No” to Plastic Surgery and Aged Naturally

Celebrities are pressured into looking their best all the time and with that may come the feeling that undergoing cosmetic surgery is needed. However, a few famous women have put their foot down and decided to embrace their wrinkles. And the truth is, their beauty is radiant and, with some, it’s even hard to tell they’ve aged at all!

12 Star Couples Who Tied the Knot After 40

Love knows no age and that’s exactly the sort of statement some celebrities send by marrying later in life, often after 40. And they might just be the lucky ones, because a study claims that those who marry later on in life can make you happier in the long run. Whether it’s guaranteed or not, check out these couples who took time to get to their own happily-ever-after.

What 12 Stars Looked Like Before Their Talent Brought Them to the Spotlight

Even the biggest stars in the world were once starting out, and perhaps unsure of whether things were going to work out for them or not. For those who have been in the entertainment world for a decade or more, it’s no wonder they’ve long grown up and shed their beginner’s image. But now we take a moment to look back and see really just how much (or little) they’ve changed since then.

18 Celebrities Who Dared to Try a Totally Different Hairstyle

A bold haircut can completely change us and even make us unrecognizable. And whether they are doing it for a role or to modify their public image, some celebrities undergo a drastic hairstyle transformation or dye their locks into a daring color. And chances are that by looking at them, we’ll be inspired to get a makeover as well, because we’re reminded that a change in our appearance can be refreshing and even good for our well-being.

How Differently 15 Stars Would Look Without a Signature Feature

Each facial feature differently influences how we perceive people, claims a study. For example, the mouth can express femininity and the nose dominance. As such, we felt curious to find out just how much of an impact it’d have if our celebrities didn’t have one of their trademark features.