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Now I've Seen Everything

7 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older Without You Even Realizing It

Looking younger is something that many people aspire to, especially as they age and notice changes in their appearance. While there is no magic formula to reverse the effects of time, there are some things that can help you look more youthful and radiant.

9 Small Details That Can Ruin the Most Stylish Outfits

There is an old wise saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice,” which means that if you buy something cheap, it’s likely to be of poor quality or will break pretty soon after you purchase it. But a high price doesn’t guarantee high quality either. Sometimes we’ll buy expensive clothing or accessories and still won’t look good enough in them.

15 Celebs Over 50 Who Prove You Are Never Too Old to Look Fabulous

These famous celebrities not only aged really gracefully, they also proved that older women can still dominate the red carpet. And they did this by pushing fashion boundaries, and showing everyone that we can wear whatever we want, as long as we are confident and comfortable in our own skin.

15 Celebrities Who Were Bold in Their New Style Choices

Everyone enjoys refreshing their look every once in awhile, and those in the spotlight are no different. In fact, they seem to know exactly how to steal the show completely whenever they decide they need a makeover. Their risky decisions often pay off and we’re left with looks that could take the crown in any fashion show.

15 Brave People Who Had a Complete Hair Makeover

We all probably know this feeling of a fresh haircut when, even if you just got rid of a few inches of hair, you still feel like you’ve had a complete makeover. And if people are brave enough to change their hairstyles completely, they deserve praise for being capable of such a leap of faith (what can’t they do then?) Our today’s heroes inspire us to try out something new.

14 Clothing Mistakes You Might Be Guilty of Making

Wearing clothes is something we all do on a daily basis and at varying levels of fashion and formality. And while there are so many magazines and guides about how to dress properly, there are still simple mistakes we all make. Maybe it’s because we don’t really care or because we are not aware of the mistake. That’s why we decided to let you know about some common mistakes that can be fixed with just one move.

15 Celebrities Who Successfully Revived Iconic Trends

Celebrities typically have lots of designer clothing options and personal stylists at their disposal when preparing for red-carpet events. However, from time to time, they opt for taking inspiration from iconic outfits from the past. It’s hardly surprising: those possess a particular allure. Let’s have a look at some of the most fascinating fashionable recreations.

16 Celebrities Whose Red Carpet Looks Are Completely Different from Their Everyday Looks

When celebrities walk down the red carpet, they are trying to be as stylish and extravagant as possible. Their goal is to shine under the lights and wear outfits that they won’t have many chances to wear. But this has nothing to do with what they wear in their everyday life when they go at the gym or to the grocery store.

12 Creative Red Carpet Looks That Will Forever Live in Our Memory

One thing is for sure whenever someone steps foot on the red carpet: everyone will be staring at them and their entire look. And celebrities are very much aware of that and that’s why they try to look their best. And sometimes their goal is to be provocative and wear unconventional things that others will definitely notice.

10+ Tiny Details Fashion Gurus Still Laugh About

All humans are prone to make errors and celebrities are no exception. Despite hiring stylists, sometimes these stars miss out on a very minor fashion faux pas that creates an impact all over the media. Although we do acknowledge that they’re humans eventually, their stardom leaves an effect on the fans to such an extent that some can’t help but keep pointing at the minor mistake they made. Hence, we brought together some instances to realize the importance of our looks from all angles.

10+ Everyday Things That Have Become Obsolete in This Century

Ranging from food to technology, everything is modernizing. Nowadays, we love simplifying our lives by investing in things that are convenient for us. On the other hand, vintage items have turned obsolete, but not completely useless sometimes. You can still use the old-school food processor, but there’s more to what meets the eye by exploring more convenient options in the store. We’ve gathered some ’then and now’ highlights that will prove change is the only constant, and for good.

15 Beauty Experiments That Didn’t End Well

At the end of every makeover show, a participant is turned around to face the mirror, and they often start crying because they really love what they look like. Perhaps many of us would want to experience this ourselves. Unfortunately, real life is not like a TV show, and beauty experiments don’t always bring us the results we hope for.

20 Celebrities Who Look Awesome in Their Dresses From Any Perspective

Celebrities are constantly on the hunt for the most attractive and eye-catching red-carpet outfits in order to grab the general public’s attention. However, because some costumes seem even more stunning from a different angle, you may need to inspect the entire garment to truly understand the designer’s purpose. Therefore, today we’ve compiled photographs of red-carpet dresses in all of their magnificence.

17 Famous Women Who’ve Found a Style to Always Shine on the Red Carpet

Even though celebrities like to experiment with different fashion trends, they still prefer to wear styles that suit them for important events. And some celebrities have even managed to wear outfits of the same style for decades and still look different every time. We looked at the clothing choices of our favorite stars and noticed that some of them prefer to appear on the red carpet sporting clothes of the same style. Just see for yourself.

14 Red Carpet Outfits That Became New Fashion Trends

Almost all red carpet outfits become the subject of vivid discussions. So it’s no wonder why celebrities try to get dressed in something really eye-catching to steal the spotlight. But the stars mentioned in this article managed to not only attract everyone’s attention but actually bring fashion to a new level.

10 Seemingly Insignificant Details That Can Ruin Even the Most Flawless Look

Sometimes, even the most elegant look can be ruined by a tiny, seemingly insignificant detail, like ill-fitting underwear, the length of your pants, or the color of our shoelaces. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this.

10+ Popular Beauty Procedures That Are Actually Just a Waste of Money

We tend to spend tons of money on beauty procedures because we want to look pretty and attractive. But sometimes it’s just a waste of money and time because the results of these procedures can be quite disappointing. For example, we may end up with bald eyelids instead of long eyelashes, or with 2 red lines instead of groomed eyebrows. We decided to study this topic and put together a list of beauty procedures you should be cautious about.

8 Fashion Trends That We Definitely Won’t Be Missing

When fashion designers come up with new styles, they don’t always think about how these things will look on ordinary people. Will they make people look pretty or awkward? And when these trends eventually become a thing of the past, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

11 Reasons Why Women From All Around the World Are Jealous of French Ladies

For the entire world, French women have always been the picture of elegance and femininity. And what amazes us the most is how easily they manage to look stunning. We decided to reveal some of the secrets French women use to achieve their unique beauty.

17 Celebrities Who Looked Stunning Despite Being Super Uncomfortable in Their Shoes

Many Hollywood stars often have to wear uncomfortable shoes on the red carpet. For example, high heels, or stilettos that don’t fit can be difficult to walk in and can cause pain and discomfort in the feet. However, these women are used to the demands of their job, so they are able to put on a brave face and endure the discomfort in order to look their best. And their professional attitude makes us admire them all the more.