9 Small Details That Can Ruin the Most Stylish Outfits

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There is an old wise saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice,” which means that if you buy something cheap, it’s likely to be of poor quality or will break pretty soon after you purchase it. But a high price doesn’t guarantee high quality either. Sometimes we’ll buy expensive clothing or accessories and still won’t look good enough in them.

The wrong choice of tights

This seemingly insignificant clothing item can affect your overall look. Nude tights with a large print make your legs look heavier and your outfit cheaper. Classic tights without any patterns look much better, but they also have certain downsides. Stylists recommend avoiding tights that contain a sheen and matching the shade of the tights with the color of your shoes — this will make your legs appear longer.

The only combination that is always on trend is black tights paired with dark shoes. This is a real classic. In black tights, you can easily go to the office, on a date, to an event, or just for a walk.

Seams that don’t match the color of the bag

The quality of a leather bag can be determined by the color of its seams. In the book, Modern Leatherwork for Makers: Traditional Craft Techniques, it is made clear that using the same color for all of an item’s components makes it look elegant. Manufacturers of inexpensive accessories usually don’t pay attention to these “little things,” and as a result, the bag can look quite cheap.

Pockets that can be seen through the fabric

In the modern world, manufacturers try to save on everything. Even if you find a piece of clothing made of 100% wool, silk, or cotton, the fabric may be of poor quality, appearing thin and see-through. Pockets that can be seen through the fabric of your clothes can make your outfit look quite cheap.

A gaping shirt

If you put on a blouse and can see a “boob gap,” there are 2 possible reasons for this. First, you’ve chosen the wrong size, and second, the manufacturer tried to save on the fabric or sewed on the buttons incorrectly.

A pattern that doesn’t match at the seam

In high-quality clothing, the pattern, whether it be plaid or stripes, should match at the seams. But if all manufacturers started cutting clothes this way, they’d have to use a lot of “extra” fabric, which would affect the price of clothing. So they prefer to save money, and we get not-so-nice-looking clothes.

Elastic belts

Waist belts can look elegant if they are thin, leather, and minimalist. For most looks, be it a dress, jeans, or a jacket, a belt that is 0.5 to 2 inches wide will be a good choice.

But a wide elastic waist belt is the exact opposite of what you might call an expensive accessory. It not only looks cheap, but it’s also completely impractical — it can stretch and look sloppy over time. According to fashion experts, wide-waist belts were extremely popular in 2006, but, fortunately, they were abandoned in the following decade.

Flimsy zippers

According to expert authenticator Sabina Jacobs, “Zippers are a big indication of whether something is authentic or not. Zippers on authentic items will usually be branded (Balenciaga will have Lampo or B., Dior will have DIOR, and Gucci will say GUCCI on the back of the zipper heads) and will be of higher quality — overall, they run more smoothly and feel more substantial.”

An abundance of embellishments

The abundance of embellishments can really make your clothes look cheap. Ruffles, rivets, bows, sequins, and frills deprive even the most expensive, elegant outfits. Simple, so-called basic things look much more stylish. And if you want to make your look brighter, go for high-quality accessories.

Charm bracelets

© Beata Taratynska / Shutterstock, Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News

Some time ago, charm bracelets used to be fashionistas’ number 1 accessory. But these days, they’ve been replaced by trendy armbands. They can be made from leather or metal, be thick or thin, sporty or fringed, the choice is yours.

Preview photo credit Andrey / Flickr


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