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18 Goofy Animals That Have Absolutely No Plans to Grow Up

Just like humans, many animals like to play, including dogs, cats, ravens, and even herring gulls. And it’s important for them to know how to play, since this behavior helps them be more psychologically flexible. Not only that, but knowing how to play and interract with other beings prepares them for future aggressive encounters.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves all animals, and these goofy pictures are one reason why we adore them so much.

1. “Our cat often hangs like this.”

2. “I tried to get some nice pictures of the pup.”

3. “Penny is showing off her empty yogurt container — no, it wasn’t stuck.”

4. “Being watched while preparing a large meal at a friend’s house”

5. “My cousin’s dog after her nap”

6. “I caught my cat waking up and falling off the wall.”

7. “The tongue hanging out is what gets me.”

8. “Why is everyone laughing at me? I stole this, I’m a bad boy!”

9. “Stuck in a bird feeder in front of his squirrel friends. He got out.”

10. “What do you mean, I sits weird?”

11. “Cat on the hat”

12. “I Have No Words.”

13. “I’m trying to work, but this guy is distracting me so hard.”

14. “Not a fan of the net.”

15. “She thinks I can’t see her.”

16. “I’m Old Gregg!”

17. “My neighbor’s dog trying to escape the patio. He does this all the time.”

18. “Like a magic trick.”

Did your pet or an animal you happened to see outside ever act in mysterious ways? Do you think that animals become less goofy as they get older?

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