20+ Weird Objects That Had Us Wondering What Their Secret Purpose Could Possibly Be

2 years ago

There are so many things and inventions around the globe that it’s impossible to know what everything is being used for. And that’s where the Internet comes handy since people can share their findings with others. And there will always be someone who has the correct answer for us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything investigated the purposes of these objects and have some news for you.

1. “This key(?) measures without chain at 6×2 inches. And it has no identifying markings.”

  • I’m thinking it’s for poking a hole/expanding holes in leather more than traditional fabric sewing. © vlogatronics / reddit

2. “I found a white blob in a bottled vitamin water.”

3. “We bought this strange glass vase/device in Australia. What is it?”

4. “Is it a ceramic frog statue? Or maybe an incense burner?”

5. “This is a plastic-like, circular object. I found it on several beaches in Sardinia (Italy).”

6. “I found it at the bottom of a drawer. It’s about an inch tall and made from rigid, translucent plastic. What’s this?”

  • I think it’s a toy hamster water bottle. I remember having something like this when I was young with my Littlest Pet Shop set. © outletsurplus / Reddit

7. “My family gave me a bag of kitchen stuff for my apartment, and this was in it. It’s plastic, and the bottom has a little scoop. What is it for?”

8. “This is a keychain thing. The left red part slides in and out and the black part is like felt over a piece of foam. What is it?”

9. “I saw this in a theater, what is this piece of metal? I’ve been questioning it for 8 years.”

  • It’s for sure a notes/reading light. When the room lights are down, you can turn the reading lights up. © CoffeeByIV / Reddit

10. “What is this set of identical flat wooden shapes found in an old box of Christmas decorations?”

11. “Why is this building raised above the ground?”

12. “What is this heavy yellow tray, about the size of my hand? I found it at a thrift store.”

13. “A cup with a small cup on the side — the smaller cup has 2 openings on the inner side.”

  • I suspect it’s a cup for helping patients take pills. You (or a nurse) put the pills in the little cup, and bring it to your lips while tipping the cup. Water flows into the small cup via the slits and washes the pills into the mouth of the patient. © d00nbuggy / Reddit

14. “What is this strange metal thing next to a playground?”

  • It’s one version of funnel ball, a game where you throw the ball in the top, and it comes out of one of the holes. Sometimes the holes have points painted on them. © brock_lee / Reddit

15. “It’s a small, heavy, metal brush thing with 2 mini brushes attached to the top. What is it for?”

16. “Exercise equipment? I’m not sure for what though.”

  • Looks like rollers for working out knots and muscle tension. Similar to those self-massage tools that are basically just a curved bar with balls at the ends. © nighte324 / reddit

17. “What is this toilet’s purpose?”

18. “What is this on my wall in my apartment?”

19. “What is this pot used for? It’s cast iron. The gray thing is an insert.”

  • We have something similar here, and that is a milk cooker. Because of the lid, it can’t spill when boiling over. The milk comes through the big hole and falls back through the smaller ones. © annafre- / Reddit

20. “What is this table with upward folding sides that don’t fold all the way up?”

21. “What is this thing? It’s made of metal and quite heavy.”

  • It looks like an ancient hand mirror. The relief carvings look Greek or Roman. The undecorated side would be polished to a shine. © MeggBeegee / Reddit

22. “What is this unusual mug with the scoop on top and a heart cutout?”

  • It is an egg separator. The white flows through the heart-opening. The yolk is left behind. © NHGayBear / Reddit

Do you have similar objects at home with purposes very few people know? What are these objects? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit wuwanna / reddit


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