Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

22 Animals That Stand Out From the Crowd Due to Their Exotic Features

Nature offers us millions of colors, textures, and shapes every day. Adventurous people even have the pleasure of appreciating animals, insects, and other creations of Mother Earth that nobody else sees. But to calm your FOMO, we made a compilation of those beautiful creatures.

1. “Catocala ilia is a caterpillar that looks like a lichen (probably to camouflage with the oak trees it munches)”

2. “This Port Jackson shark”

4. The size of a marine crocodile compared to a human body

6. Look at the teeth of a moray eel. Don’t they look like glass?

7. Ducks, even though we see them more often, can also look very exotic.

8. “Lizard resting beside us on our hike.”

9. “Kentucky flat millipede secretes cyanide compounds as a defense mechanism. I did not lick this friend.”

10. The aquatic parrot lives in New Guinea and feeds exclusively on fruit.

11. And this strange “winged” fish is called a sea bat.

12. “Barn Owl Displaying Feathers”

13. “Lettuce Leaf Nudibranch in Caribbean Tidepool”

15. And here’s what a blue heron chick looks like.

16. This strawberry finch is usually gray and inconspicuous, like a hen. But during the breeding season, the plumage of the males takes on a bright red color.

18. “These aren’t leaves, but real insects.”

19. “A green heron hunting its prey.”

20. And this glowing holographic squid lives in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

21. “A sea anemone that I found while walking around some tide pools.”

22. “Found this wind-battered beauty of nature lying down on the coffeehouse’s window.”

What is the most exotic animal you saw? What special features caught your attention?

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