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12 Mistakes in Movies That Ended Up in the Final Cut

In order to shoot a movie it takes an average of 106 days to film it, which can be hours and hours of work on a daily basis. And while there are people who make sure that the environment in a scene remains the same from take to take, mistakes do happen. It’s only natural when hundreds of people work together for endless hours.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 12 mistakes that movie productions didn’t notice and included them in the final cut of their movies.

1. Troy

Nothing unusual. Just a plane in BC times. Either the creators thought that the Greeks might need aerial support, or they figured that the viewers would be charmed by Brad Pitt and they won’t notice this small mistake.

2. Twilight

One of the most famous couples in cinema is that of the mortal Bella and the vampire Edward from the Twilight saga. From the first time they exchanged words, supernatural events followed them. We see how in the 2008 movie, the shelf behind Edward has a decoration and, after exchanging a couple of words with Bella, the decoration has changed.

3. Tarzan

Sabor is a leopard that appears several times in the animated movie Tarzan, always with his fierce and threatening gestures. However, when we just go to minute 00:06:40 of the movie, we can see that the color of Sabor’s ears changes from black to orange.

4. Gladiator

In Gladiator, we see that the ancient Romans apparently had gas canisters in their chariots. Also, we are quite sure that there were no planes in those times. How can you make a mistake like that and not realize before the movie ends up in the cinema?

5. Titanic

We’re about to finish our popcorn, but we couldn’t leave this mega-production out. Titanic was not spared from our list. Jack is handcuffed to a ship’s pipe as we see him in suspenders (02:06:06). Then, Rose frees him with an ax and appears to have slashed off his suspenders (02:06:15). However, in the next shot, we see Jack again with them.

6. The Fast and the Furious

It took 20 years for us, at least, to discover that Johnny Tran, from the first installment of The Fast and Furious saga, was the fastest of them all. After one hour twelve minutes and fifty-six seconds (1:12:56) of the movie, we see Johnny wearing a black shirt. Three seconds later, he is in a sleeveless T-shirt.

7. La La Land

This lovely story not only warmed the cockles of our hearts, but it also made us smile when we found a couple of mistakes. In La La Land, as Sebastian asks Mia about their current relationship (00:39:57), they pass under green umbrellas. After a couple more steps and seconds, they are back under the umbrellas (00:40:08).

8. Monsters Inc.

In Monsters, Inc. they get power from children’s screams after they get scared by monsters. However, there was an accident and a little girl came into the monster’s world, where Mike and Sully were trying to hide her. Well, not everything went according to plan and she ended up screaming and crying after Mike takes a teddy bear from her.

When Mike takes the teddy bear the first time, there was a picture on the wall behind the desk. However, later when Sully gives the bear back, the picture is gone.

9. Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is one of the most successful movies of all time, so we couldn’t let it escape from our countdown. In the scene where some kids approached Hulk to take a picture, we can see that the pancake is cut in the middle (00:38:00). Thirty-eight seconds later, the two halves are joined together. Could it have been Doctor Strange?

10. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The most famous scar in cinema is undoubtedly Harry Potter’s, and not only because of its lightning bolt shape, but also because it was left by “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” However, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, when Dumbledore leaves Harry with a family of Muggles (non-magical humans), we see that he does not have the mark on his forehead (00:03:42). In the second shot, it magically appears (00:03:49).

11. The Little Mermaid

In the scene where the evil witch Vanessa climbs up on the vanity, she stomps a glass and she breaks it. However, in the scene before, there is no glass at all.

12. Pretty Woman

Let’s continue with the adorable couples. Now it’s the turn of Pretty Woman. Vivian, the character played by Julia Roberts, is enjoying a delicious croissant during the breakfast scene (00:32:21), but right after admitting that she only finished high school (00:32:38), the croissant turns into a pancake. Still, who are we to judge Julia’s appetite?

Have you ever noticed any mistakes on the screen? What was it and which was the movie or TV series you spotted the mistake in?

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