19 Confident Girls Make Funny Faces Only to Astonish Us With Their Real Beauty

2 years ago

The question of what or who we can call beautiful has been unanswered for many centuries. Even though we all know that we can’t judge a book by its cover, appearance is the first thing we judge when we meet a new person. Scientists say that it takes us only one-tenth of a second to assess someone’s attractiveness.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything strongly believe that it’s not enough. Here are 19 examples of how different we can look depending on just a facial expression.

“These were taken only one day apart.”

Makeup can be very confusing.

“The duality of boredom”

“My boyfriend says this is the only face of mine that truly scares him.”

“Having a flat face has its perks.”

“Here comes the guy you like, just act normal. Me:”

“MJ and Tobey Maguire”

“When you forget to wash your face before going to bed”

“Chloe wanted to participate too.”

“Almost strained my neck for this one.”

“A breath of fresh air vs ’What’s that God-awful smell in the air?!’”

“From butterfly to earthworm...”

“These dogs conjure this face quite often.”

“All right, say cheese!”

Yep, they’re the same person, in case you were wondering.

“When I wake up vs when I have a Zoom call”

“I consider this an accomplishment.”

“I think I did it right!”

“Not quite sure what to call this one...”

What’s the funniest face you like to make? Does your face change a lot when you make a grimace? Share your photos along with a caption and your answers in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Cee3p33h03 / Reddit


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