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15+ Parents Whose Kids Know Make Their Day

Parenting with its highs and lows can sometimes resemble a rollercoaster. One moment your kid is having a tantrum that can only be stopped with the help of a potato, and in the next minute they go into a dramatic artist mode.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some photos that illustrate this fun ride best.

1. “My daughter insists on wearing my socks, but only the ones that have her face all over them.”

2. Is she playing hide-and-seek or trying to scare her parents?

3. “My 2-year-old son is ‘enjoying’ one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

4. “First time seeing our beautiful baby boy — I think he was as shocked as we were.”

5. “First time I rode a bike I demanded to wear safety goggles.”

6. A kid riding around town, on a dinosaur

7. “The only thing that stopped my son’s tantrum. Potato power.”

8. “15 minutes later they’re still looking for it!”

9. “Had a big chuckle at this photo my wife snapped of our 3.5-week-old daughter and me during our match.”

10. “My niece was looking for the goats. They got her good.”

11. “My two lovely, brilliant, bright sons. One playing a game on the iPad, the other... chewing on the remote control?!”

12. “My daughter going through her dramatic artist phase.”

13. “My son thought it would be funny to put his toy in front of the baby monitor.”

14. “My husband may have gone too far in dressing our son like an old man for school today.”

15. “My daughter’s first case of nerd rage”

16. “Now that’s how you wear a tiara!”

What were you like as a kid? Are there any photos from your own childhood that would be a nice addition to this article? Go to the comments where all the fun happens and share your stories and pics.

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