Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Who Knew Exactly When to Press “Click”

The great Sir David Attenborough once said that “the world is full of wonders” and he couldn’t be more true. It’s the things that already exist and we happen to see them for the first time or take a very good picture of them. And it’s also the things that happen by accident and again we are there to take a photographic memento of them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to thank those 15 people who made sure to capture these amazing sights either my accident or by rushing for their phone.

1. “A girl lying back against a dog.”

2. “Finally got the money shot.”

3. “Rainy day in Ireland”

4. “As of today, this is the most unique image of lightning I’ve captured.”

5. “The reflection gave my cat human feet.”

6. “I found the spot from this scene in the movie Gladiator while driving around Tuscany, Italy.”

7. An incredibly thin building.

8. “I saw the end of a rainbow at the beach today.”

9. “Auto-darkening lenses after looking through a metal mesh screen door on a sunny day.”

10. “Line for port-a-potty!”

11. “Came home and he was sitting there waiting for us like this.”

12. “This is a truck carrying the signs you see on the interstate.”

13. “Squirrels forgot to check if they were sleeping on glass.”

14. “My pet bird taking a bath.”

15. “This building paint that matches the sky.”

Have you ever seen anything that grabbed your attention and made you grab your camera as fast as you could?

Preview photo credit DelWentilator / reddit
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