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15+ People Who Turned Their Embarrassing Moments Into Comedy

Most of us have embarrassing stories that make our faces turn red whenever we remember them. Usually, those happen in moments of stress: first dates, job interviews, and so on. We get nervous and say or do silly things. Luckily, those bad memories turn into funny ones pretty soon because it’s only natural to make mistakes, and everyone goes through such stuff.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some embarrassing stories here to giggle together.



I went to a dealership and test drove a few cars, then went in to do the paperwork for the purchase, reached into my pocket, and my hand went through the pocket to my skin, ending up with a 6″ rip in my favorite jeans. I thought nobody had noticed it and I felt relieved. Then I returned to the dealership for an oil change 3 months later and the salesman says to me, “I see you got new pants!”
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I was walking ahead of him and got into the car parked out front before he could open the door for me. He knocked on the window and yelled through the glass, “This isn’t my car!”




Started unbuttoning and unzipping my trousers while I walked toward the toilet, just like I do at home because I’m efficient like that. Except I was at work and was walking through the shared office.
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My friend Liz: Hey guys!

Me and Sarah (surprise): Oh! Hi Liz!

Liz: Are you on a date?

Me (instantly): Yes.

Sarah (instantly): No.

— Silence -

©Gabriel Gn Jianlun/Quora



I hit face-first into a streetlight lamp post because I was staring (while walking) at a beautiful girl walking in the direction where I was coming from. It was in front of the main gate of our university. Hundreds of students saw it. My friends laughed so hard.
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The date was so bad I gave the server 20 bucks to spill my drink on me to get me out of there.




She brought a plastic baggy to puke in because she gets nervous on first dates...and she used it.




I had a guy come into the tire shop and ask if we had batteries for remotes as his died and couldn’t get into his car. I asked if he tried the key and he looked at me and walked out.
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Have you ever been in any similar embarrassing situations? What small awkward events from your past do you still remember and laugh about?

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