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Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Whose Family Life Reminds Us of a Comedy

If you look closely enough, you can notice that people in one family often have a similar sense of humor. Scientists even decided to check if the reasons are in genetics, but came to the conclusion that it’s the shared environment. Either way, joking is a great way to overcome life struggles, so let’s take some lessons from our today’s heroes.

1. “Exactly 27 years ago, my mom took the perfect picture of me and my sister. Some things never change.”

2. “My 8-year-old almost made me burn my house down.”

3. For some families, it’s an adventure.

4. “The only time they really get along”

5. When you were born into a family of Instagram bloggers.

6. “My son couldn’t find his sandwich.”

7. “I’m the only person in my family born in America. I’m also the poster child for when your parents dress you and don’t know English.”

8. This is my family! Back off!

9. “$150.00 on a pool for this kid to figure out he’d rather be in a paint container.”

10. Only the dog knows how to pose.

11. “Just me, keeping an eye on my older sister.”

12. “How to stop kids from fighting in the car”

13. “Found a picture of our dog’s family.”

14. Let your child be creative.

15. Please kiss and show how cute your family is.

Do you have any examples of similar mishaps? Share your memories in the comment section below!

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