Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Perplexing Photos That Made Us Disbelieve Our Eyes

No matter how advanced cameras get, they still don’t show the world around us exactly the way we see it. That’s why it takes a lot of practice and talent for photographers to take pics with a good perspective where nothing looks weird. However, when the perspective is off, it can sometimes lead to actual masterpieces, like in today’s article.

1. ’’A furniture delivery truck parked behind me on my lunch break.’’

2. “The intensity of this rainbow refracted through my aquarium.”

3. Cotton picking looks like a rock concert.

4. “We lit a bonfire that ripped a hole in space/time.”

5. ’’I think I assembled my cat incorrectly.’’

6. “Infinite maple”

7. This is one picture. Proof.

8. ’’This does not look real...’’

9. The “Pink Pearl” apple

10. Houston, we have a problem.

11. “Kayaking in front of a giant duck”

12. ’’Big cat or tiny kitchen?’’

13. How’s that? Aaaaah...

14. What hundreds of crows resting in the snow at night look like:

15. “This small red potato looks like an anatomical heart.”

Which of the pictures above did you find the most surprising? Do you ever take pictures with the goal of confusing people?

Preview photo credit SUPERDRAGONDELUX / Reddit
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