Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Times People Proved That There’s Nothing the Internet Can’t Solve

In January 2022, an estimated 4.95 billion people all over the world (or about 62.5% of Earth’s population) used the internet. And each day, the number of people going online increases by half a million. If these huge figures prove one thing, it’s that the internet has now become an integral part of our lives. And thanks to the World Wide Web, information is literally at our fingertips.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 people who turned to cyberspace for answers to their curious finds, and as usual, the internet didn’t let them down.

1. “About 3-foot-long bendable pole, with a stake on one side and clip on the other”

Answer: “It’s a plamp (plant clamp) ground stake, for macrophotography.”

2. “Metal spring with plastic ends, 20 cm long, no writing or markings”

Answer: “It’s a hair remover used for little hairs on one’s face.”

3. “Help me identify this thing”

Answer: “It looks like a rotating tie holder that gets mounted to a wall.” Here’s an almost identical one.

4. “Does anyone know what this could be?”

Answer: “It’s the opening to a Victorian-style purse.”

5. “It has a suction cup with it that appears to be a stand for it. One is open and one is closed, as in the photo.”

Answer: “It’s a grip for changing light bulbs that are out of reach.”

6. “Brass, 4” (long side) 3″ (short side), has a hinge that opens at a 90° angle. The inside of the smaller side has ribs along the inside."

Answer: “It’s an old bubble-blowing wand, pre-1800s.”

7. “What is this spiky plastic thing? Banana for scale!”

Answer: “It’s a holder for babies’ bottles. You use it as a drainer after washing them.”

8. “Found this in my office and can’t figure out what it’s for. It’s metal and only like a millimeter thick.”

Answer: “It’s a key for those paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms.”

9. “Bought a new shirt. This small packet was attached with the tags. What are these for?”

Answer: “Collar stiffeners. You can insert them in your collar to keep it stiff.”

10. “Found this under my passenger seat. It has magnets on the back. Is this a GPS tracker someone put in my car?”

Answer: “It is a GPS tracker, but not a very discrete one.”

11. What could this be?

Answer: “It’s a tool to take the top off of a boiled egg.” Here are some similar ones.

12. “A small ceramic press on my partner’s grandma’s kitchen shelf. Nobody has a clue what it’s for.”

Answer: “It’s an antique nutcracker.”

13. “What is this foldy metal thing attached to the side of my back porch?”

Answer: “It’s a can crusher.”

14. “I can’t remember what this was for, if I ever even knew. What is this thing?”

Answer: “They’re tongs for lifting hot jars, so you don’t burn your fingers.”

15. “What is this thing? They’re not scissors and it closes with a snap.”

Answer: “It’s a pair of authentic antique Victorian candle snuffer wick trimming scissors.”

16. “Carved wood with wooden rings around it. The rings don’t come off. Found it in a park.”

Answer: “It’s a Mexican hot-chocolate stirrer/whisk. Known as a molinillo.”

17. “Silicon cup thing? My parents were randomly mailed this from an unknown address. Material is malleable.”

Answer: “It’s an anticellulite device. Here you can see a similar one.”

18. “What are these cutouts above all doors in the house? They are finished and the doors don’t extend into the cutout. No holes or other indicators of something being mounted on the ceiling.”

Answer: “Potentially, a previous owner was disabled and had a track system installed to aid them in moving around the house. The tracks would have been removed and likely any holes filled in.”

Which of these objects took you less than 5 seconds to solve? If you could wish for one of them to magically appear in your drawer overnight, which item would you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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