16 Things That Are Masters of Disguise

2 years ago

Nature is a worldwide famous artist, producing works of art every second, everywhere in the world. Roses can look like fireballs, and fungus can turn ice into hair; there are butterflies that look like leaves and clouds in the sky that can put on a show that looks like it was taken from the latest blockbuster.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some of the best-kept secrets of the natural world, so open your eyes and gasp along with us at their beauty.

1. Fireball rose

2. A fungus causes ice to turn into fine hair-like formations.

3. These white stones are frozen methane bubbles.

4. It’s not just a dead leaf, this is the dead leaf butterfly.

5. Not a lava stream but an iron-rich saltwater lake

6. These look like roots, but they’re a kind of mushroom.

7. These plants look like pebbles.

8. It’s not a leaf, but a bug called a leaf katydid.

9. This old crinkly leaf is the satanic leaf-tailed gecko.

10. It looks like polymer resin, but it’s the rainbow eucalyptus tree.

11. There is a caterpillar on this leaf.

12. Frost flowers are a beautiful ice crystal formation.

13. “I found a stone at the beach that looks like a loaf of bread.”

14. A cotton bale? This is a phenomenon called rolling snow, and it happens because of wind action.

15. It may look like a trapped fox, but it’s a large bat with a wingspan of 6 feet.

16. “This cloud looks like the sky is exploding.”

Have you ever encountered any of nature’s marvels? Did you also get taken aback by these things hidden in nature? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.


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