Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

16 People Who Found the Most Unconventional Solutions to Their Problems

Not all people have good problem-solving skills and that’s a true shame, since sometimes you need an unconventional solution you haven’t seen anywhere around you. The first step in solving an issue is to correctly identify the root of the problem. After that, a person needs to think about the possible solutions and find the one that would work out in the best way possible. That’s why we have gathered some examples of how sharp thinking can solve pretty much everything.

1. “It was hot this past Tuesday so the guys got creative while working outside.”

2. He should’ve hung a sign: “Don’t be afraid, it’s almost safe.”

3. This is too cool, even for Tom Cruise.

4. “My parents got a new bed last night and my dad’s nightstand was too short. Problem solved: he drilled it into the wall.”

5. “Spotted at local well known supermarket.”

6. When you forgot your helmet at home but you still have a lot of work to do.

7. When years of playing Tetris finally pays off:

8. “Soup ladle to transfer paint. 3$, super easy to clean and no mess. I’m a genius.”

9. “All this to repair a gutter.”

10. “My daughter and I wanted to fly a kite this weekend, but we couldn’t find the string. So we improvised.”

11. Yeah, sometimes safety really should go first.

12. Looks like this might be a dentist’s car.

13. “I present you — The MailWave.”

14. Well, at least your toes are safe.

15. An alternative food blender.

16. “Found a new way to keep my AirPods in.”

Have you ever found a solution to even the most difficult and unimaginable thing? Maybe something that no one else ever thought of?

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