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Now I've Seen Everything

17 People Who Chose to Pave Their Own Way in Order to Solve Problems

There are some serious problems that we’ve been taught from a young age how to solve if they ever appear. However, no one has told us how to work with onions when our eyes burn and start tearing. For things like this, people have to put their mind to work in order to find a solution that works best for them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is very happy to share 17 cases where people used the power of their own brains to solve issues that appeared right before their eyes.

1. “How my girlfriend ’handled’ a spider and was too scared to clean it up”

2. “We all have one faithful bra that should’ve given up on us long ago.”

3. “How to sew in a straight line”

4. “My new solution for chopping onions”

5. “I wanted to lay in the sun but also wanted to play some games. It was too bright to see the screen outside.”

6. “My gas cap stopped closing properly, so I came up with a solution.”

7. “My village’s new solution to stop speeding”

8. “I guess ring lights aren’t just for influencers.”

9. “A guy took pictures of the Yankees vs Mariners game all night like this.”

10. “My mom is always keeping containers to use in the future, so she uses the Hubba Bubba gum container for her tape measure.”

11. Trey has sorted out his office situation nicely.

12. “My girlfriend’s mom figured it out.”

13. “This guy’s flight pillow”

14. “My dad made me a cage to keep the critters out. It’s working so well!”

15. “My friend’s work has an unorthodox solution for utensils going missing.”

16. “Saw this nice mailbox today.”

17. “My son wanted to play hide and seek. He might go pro.”

What has been your proudest creation even though it didn’t seem genius to everyone?

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