15 People Who Weren’t Prepared for Their Pets’ Quirkiness

2 years ago

Having a furry best friend is wonderful because every day is a new adventure. Even though you might know them like the palm of your hand, they still find ways to surprise us. Whether it’s catching your dog red-handed up on the kitchen countertop or realizing your cat was napping inside a drawer, animals are masters at doing the unexpected.

Now I’ve Seen Everything presents you with some fluffs who have no shame in being a bit derpy.

1. “Hello, love.”

2. “An angry pirate cat hiding in my daughter’s drawer”

3. “It’s hot outside.”

4. “There was no hole in the tree. I have no idea what he did with his nose. He just climbed the tree and did this.”

5. Maybe he’s trying to meditate.

6. “My cat usually showers with me but decided to hop in with my fiancé this morning instead. Some things can’t be unseen.”

7. “Sarah likes to have her foot in her mouth.”

8. “When you didn’t expect your owner to come right back cause they forgot something”

9. “He’s not allowed on the couch.”

10. “I was going through my drawer when I heard a meow that made me jump. I think I interrupted her nap.”

11. “An alternative to bird seed”

12. “He stole my peas!”

13. Fork thief

14. “My dog showing my girlfriend that I’m his”

15. “I have no idea.”

What weird things does your pet like to do? Do you have pictures of any unusual moments with your pet? Please share your pics and stories!

Preview photo credit caudata / Imgur, G-Double-D / Reddit


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