Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

17 Pics That Will Make Your Eyes and Brain Start an Endless Discussion

Sometimes our brain enjoys playing tricks by making us question our senses. Whether it is a fruit resembling a human face, or our own pet staring to look like an extra in a surreal movie. These sights are fascinating and confusing at the same time, because they tell us plenty about our state of mind and the way we think. As if our unconscious emerges every now and then to expresses our deeper thoughts.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered a collection of intriguing pics that will surprise you and raise a bunch of questions.

1. ’’My fingerling potato looks like a finger.’’

2. “Lady of the corn”

3. “Got so flexible it bent into the fourth dimension.”

4. “Guy with an extra pair of legs”

5. “Sausage fingers”

6. ’’My brother-in-law’s washing machine is scaring me.’’

7. “Bean looks like she’s walking, but she’s lying down.”

8. Angry apple

9. “Toilet is surprised to see me.”

10. “Where’s the acorn?”

11. “Today, I was surprised by a whale floating on one side of my kitchen sink.”

12. “A band-aid at the bottom of my drink”

13. “Two cats eating from the same dish”

14. “Nobody controls air traffic quite like Mr. Outlet.”

15. “My knee storing the souls”

16. “A polar bear’s face”

17. ’’My dog has a cat singing opera following him all the time.’’

What things have you seen that made you do a double-take? How often do you see them?

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