Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Pictures That Will Make You Rub Your Eyes to Make Sure You See Correctly

Many people will tell you that a professional photographer can take the same picture as an amateur and make it look 100 times better. However, sometimes it’s not about skill or the quality of a camera, but only about perspective. Timing is also a huge factor, since the moment you take a picture something unexpected might happen and completely alter your image.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to test your eyesight and see if you can understand what’s happening in these 18 pictures.

1. “Look like that dog is standing up to anyone else?”

2. Fried chicken

3. “Hand me that cookie!”

4. “Mommy, I’m flying.”

5. “The way these chairs are stacked”

6. “Just some pillows on a couch.”

7. “This building paint that matches the sky”

8. “My long dog”

9. “Spider-cat”

10. “This chonky snail”

11. “A parallel universe behind the fence”

12. “Duck that spends too much time at the gym.”

13. “I thought I saw the ghost of Sleepy Hollow on the way to work.”

14. “A cat that seems to be standing up”

15. “This tree fell and got caught on another tree. They tried cutting it but now it’s just levitating.”

16. “I found this picture of my dad today.”

17. “I woke up and saw this silhouette of a woman. Turned out to be my desk chair with trousers on it.”

18. Wave or potato chip?

Which pictures really confused you and made you look twice? Have you experienced anything like that while out in the streets?

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