Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20+ Objects That Seem to Be Designed By Aliens

Some designs focus on the aesthetics and forget all about functionality. After all, we live in an era where everything needs to be picture-perfect, and we sometimes make purchases that end up complicating our lives instead of simplifying them. Yet, we can’t deny that the most pointless or absurd designs can become an excuse for a good laugh if we choose to. And that alone makes their existence so important and useful.

Now I’ve Seen Everything always chooses to be amused instead of feeling annoyed by things. And today we’ll share with you some designs that are so bad that they made us laugh and wonder if they are actually real.

1. ’’My socks that always look like they’re soaked.’’

2. ’’These shoes with suction cups on the bottom that pop when I walk on smooth surfaces.’’

3. “Outlet is less than a foot away from the faucet and is inside the curtain.”

4. Crosswalk to where?

5. “Shouldn’t they have cut the top of the door so the knob wasn’t so low?”

6. Useless toilet paper

7. It must be a joy to ride down this bike lane.

8. “I have an idea, what if we didn’t line up the top 2 floors with the rest of the building.”

9. “Does this have a deeper meaning? I don’t understand?”

10. Have fun getting out.

11. “Bad tile choice for this bathroom.”

12. “Finally we got an essential bike lane.”

13. “If that isn’t accessible to wheelchairs, I don’t know what is.”

14. “Locked the gate boss.”

15. “Doorstopper installed boss.”

16. “Good thing I don’t need to read the sign.”

17. “The disabled parking at my school”

18. “Built-in kitchen cupboard covers half of the outlet.”

19. “The more I look at this house, the worse it gets.”

20. “Some poor attempt at a quirky clock”

21. Salad bowl with holes

What is the single worst design you’ve ever witnessed? Was it something utterly bad or something that looked nicely made but ended up being tough to use?

Preview photo credit Wimc / reddit, deoje299 / reddit
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