Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

20 People Who Failed to Master the Art of Design

Every single human-made product needs design to function properly and to look good. But designers are human, so mistakes are bound to happen. Whether it’s an unwise graphic or a misplaced build, these fails can be found all around, but a sharp eye is needed sometimes. Luckily, some folks are great at spotting them and leaving a warning note or a hysterical comment online about them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up a few examples that had people facepalming.

1. They didn’t quite think this through.

2. ’’This door will never be opened.’’

3. “This sofa is absolutely awful for your back.”

4. ’’I got this new hoodie and everybody has asked me why I am wet.’’

5. ’’A new park opened in my city, pretty lovely except for this one detail.’’

6. ’’My university decided to put a mirrored wall in the men’s bathroom.’’

7. ’’Measurement lines on an opaque bottle’’

8. “The clock hands don’t glow.”

9. ’’My room designer put a shelf next to my bookshelf and now I can’t access my books.’’

10. ’’I can’t open either of these at my new workplace.’’

11. ’’This new school has a wheelchair access button for the door, but no way for a person in a wheelchair to reach it.’’

12. “Because everyone loves a ceiling that looks like it’s covered with hair.”

13. ’’My friend’s under-the-stairs ’bathroom’ where the toilet is diagonal and partially installed into the carpeted wall’’

14. ’’This weird door at the top of the stairs in a hotel’’

15. “This portable heater has started to melt its own handle.”

16. ’’Looks good on the package, not so much when worn.’’

17. ’’An origami kit where the paper has already been folded to fit in the box’’

18. They couldn’t make up their minds on a window design.

19. “One left turn on the traffic lights shows red and the other green. I can’t tell which is right.”

20. ’’I have no idea how to turn this off.’’

Do you think the designer is the only one to blame when a product is non-functional? Do you prefer functionality or aesthetics when it comes to choosing objects?

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