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Now I've Seen Everything

19 Movie Mistakes We Had to Squint to Believe They Existed

Movies go through several editing iterations and are reviewed by a large number of people before being released to the public, yet many of them appear to have major flaws. Even the most skilled directors make mistakes from time to time, and once you see them, you’ll never be able to overlook them again. Thus, many of history’s greatest films are not without shortcomings that can catch us off guard.

1. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, when Dumbledore leaves Harry, he does not have the mark on his forehead (00:03:42). In the second shot, it magically appears (00:03:49).

2. In one of the scenes of Moulin Rouge!, the thin straps of the lead character’s dress are replaced by wide straps.

3. In Iron Man, Pepper Potts is wearing a hands-free device, but in the next scene, it’s gone.

4. In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Gandalf the White is wearing sneakers.

5. In this Matrix scene, you can clearly see the camera in the reflection of the door handle.

6. Jim Carrey’s hairstyle in the movie Bruce Almighty changes constantly.

7. In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is enjoying a delicious croissant during the breakfast scene (00:32:21), but right after (00:32:38), the croissant turns into a pancake.

8. In The Other Boleyn Girl, they forgot to comb Natalie Portman’s hair back, which completely contradicts the rules of the French headdress.

9. In Marie Antoinette, you can see hair extensions on the head of the queen’s son.

10. Anti-reflective lenses became popular in the 1980s. Sharon Tate could not have worn them in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

11. In the movie, Bone Tomahawk, the actor has decaying teeth, but in the second, it returned to normal.

12. In Miss Congeniality, the state represented by this girl changes unexpectedly.

13. In A Series of Unfortunate Events, hands do wonderful things.

14. In Spotlight, the journalist takes notes, but there is no single word in the notebook.

15. In Frida, you can see how the actress is “bedridden.” But the artist’s earrings hang down, revealing that she is actually standing, not lying down.

16. Strange things happen in Twilight too: Taylor suddenly loses his vest.

17. In Nothing Hill, the entire film crew can be seen in the reflection of Julia Roberts’ sunglasses.

18. The tattoo that She’s All That’s lead character had disappeared on the day of the last holiday of the year.

19. In Titanic, the water looks clean when it should be murky because of the amount of organic waste in the ocean.

Do you believe such errors can undermine a film’s credibility?

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