10+ Things That Were Unacceptable in the Past, but Are Pretty Normal Now

8 months ago

We still follow certain stereotypes. For example, we think it’s a disaster to make a spot on a clean shirt, or that it’s bad to argue with senior people even if they’re wrong. We decided to look at different situations that were normal in the past, but are not that normal now.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we created comics that show the things of the past we’d probably need to leave behind.

You don’t have to invite all your friends home to feel like a hospitable host.

People didn't have much money back then - so why spend more than the double price for a meal you can cook yourself - at least we were able to cook back then.


Personal boundaries are more important that trying to appease everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with eating the last slice of pizza or sandwich. Why waste it?

We help ourselves to improve the quality of services.

Leaving tips is not something you must do no matter what, rather its your gratitude for good service.

A woman who expects a man to take the first move looks good only in books and movies. It works differently in reality.

There’s no need to hide your imperfections, you can just enjoy life.

You don’t have to follow the dress code to go to a theater. You just need to love art.

You don’t have to tell your children that seniors are always right.

You don’t have to always look perfect.

You don’t have to be afraid to say no in order to avoid offending someone.

Sometimes rules of propriety are just stereotypes you don’t need to follow.

These comics were inspired by real-life situations you’ve probably happened to find yourself in. Maybe you also have a couple of interesting stories? Share them with us in the comments below. We can make comics out of them too.


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