10+ Things That Were Unacceptable in the Past, but Are Pretty Normal Now

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We still follow certain stereotypes. For example, we think it’s a disaster to make a spot on a clean shirt, or that it’s bad to argue with senior people even if they’re wrong. We decided to look at different situations that were normal in the past, but are not that normal now.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we created comics that show the things of the past we’d probably need to leave behind.

You don’t have to invite all your friends home to feel like a hospitable host.

Personal boundaries are more important that trying to appease everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with eating the last slice of pizza or sandwich. Why waste it?

We help ourselves to improve the quality of services.

Leaving tips is not something you must do no matter what, rather its your gratitude for good service.

A woman who expects a man to take the first move looks good only in books and movies. It works differently in reality.

There’s no need to hide your imperfections, you can just enjoy life.

You don’t have to follow the dress code to go to a theater. You just need to love art.

You don’t have to tell your children that seniors are always right.

You don’t have to always look perfect.

You don’t have to be afraid to say no in order to avoid offending someone.

Sometimes rules of propriety are just stereotypes you don’t need to follow.

These comics were inspired by real-life situations you’ve probably happened to find yourself in. Maybe you also have a couple of interesting stories? Share them with us in the comments below. We can make comics out of them too.


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This listicle is pretty ok, except where it veers off into crazy opinions that can be really negative.

Why do you have to give bad advice online to people who don’t know any better?

Don’t leave a tip because of something wrong in the kitchen? BS - the waitstaff ain't responsible for the entire operation, and if you have a problem emanating from the kitchen, take it up with the manager - but never stiff the wait staff. That's just punishing the wrong person by depriving a hard worker of proper remuneration. WRONG!

Leave a bad review for a taxi driver because “almost late” in traffic? BS - that driver is working just as hard as anyone else, so don't go all Karen if the poor driver got you there just in time. That bad review can really hurt someone who was trying to help you out. WRONG!

And how about splitting the last piece of pizza two or three ways, instead of being inconsiderate & greedy? SO. MUCH. BS - You're just going to come off as a self-centered greedhead (and might not get invited back). WRONG!

Are these the kind of cultural insights with which you “enrich" your "content”? And these examples show so much “heightened global awareness”!

Makes me sick.

As a writer in the public sphere, you gotta think where your (sometimes blighted) opinions are going, and where they will do harm.

Get real. Or quit writing your little listicles…


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