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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Objects That Went From Old and Rusty to New and Shiny With a Little Elbow Grease

It is clear that objects have a lifespan and non of them will last forever. In the case of a sofa, its average lifespan can maybe be 7 to 15 years; in the case of a chair, maybe 7 to 10; and in the case of cars, let’s say 8 years. Once a piece of furniture has completed its cycle, the most common thing to do today is get rid of it. However, there are people whe are able to refurbish them to give them a second chance.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated when we find pictures of people who didn’t give up and renovated their stuff. Some of the following images might surprise even the most skeptical ones.

1. A revamped Gucci bag that looks luxurious again, even though it was purchased at a thrift store.

2. “I like to restore antiques, and this little Zero fan was something I thought came out interesting enough to show off.”

3. “Fancy old timey mailbox for my preschool students from upcycled from thrifted decor box.”

4. “A man brought me a wedding ring that fell into the garbage disposal.”

5. “Restored this antique oak desk made by Gillows of Lancaster.”

6. “I bought this at a local car wash establishment for 100 USD. It was slowly dying and was not working because of the moisture inside.”

7. “Thrifted and Refinshed a set of teak lounge chairs. These cost me all of $22 (total)”

8. “Turned a new pedestal for this unusual antique table and refinished.”

9. “Toledo Scale Restoration. This was almost a 2 year project start to finish.”

10. “Completed restoration of my dream car.”

11. “Found this beauty a few weeks back at a thrift store in New Orleans, me and my boyfriend fixed her up real nice. It’s my favorite piece of furniture in the house now :)”

12. “I restored this amazing cutting board that I bought for $7 at Goodwill!”

13. “6 bucks and some rit dye and gel stain!”

14. “Drill press I finished restoring recently.”

15. It doesn’t look like it, but it is the same chair.

16. “Just finished restoring one of my favorite dumpster finds yet!!! ”

17. “Man Destroys Wedding Ring. I Remade It!”

18. An old divan before and after reupholstering and restoration.

19. “Pulled out of a trash heap. It was one part of a file cabinet. Thorough cleaning, paint and a little shining up followed by wrapping it in wood from my scrap pile. Added some legs and bingo bango! 🧰🧽❤️”

20. “The fabric actually looks halfway decent in this photo, but don’t be fooled — it was stained, ripped, separated from the chair, and just plan disgusting.”

Have you ever restored an object? If so, how did the experience turn out to be?

Preview photo credit Jmman / Imgur
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