Mom Faces Harsh Criticism After Calling Her Baby “Ugly” in a Viral Tiktok Video

7 months ago

Lucy Baehr didn’t view her daughter Reese as the most adorable baby, but a mother’s love surpasses mere appearances. Nevertheless, the tale didn’t end there. When she playfully featured her daughter in a TikTok challenge, she faced a torrent of criticism. Lucy, however, stood strong against the negativity, fueled by her unwavering maternal affection.

Getting pregnant with Reese had its own set of highs and lows.

Lucy Baehr shared a relatable experience that struck a chord with many expectant mothers eagerly awaiting their newborns, anticipating their undeniable cuteness. Originating from Arkansas, her tale took an unusual and amusing turn, captivating the online audience.

Lucy’s path to becoming a mother was a genuine rollercoaster ride. She grappled with the formidable challenge of infertility and endured heart-wrenching losses. Nevertheless, she poured her love into her daughter, Harper, and wholeheartedly embraced her role as a dedicated stepmother to Cole. In September 2019, they welcomed a furry addition to their family, a dog, in the hopes of filling that void in their lives.

Then, in February 2020, she delivered an unexpected bombshell: Lucy discovered she was expecting a baby girl. The revelation left her elated and, well, somewhat disbelieving. When her daughter, Reese, made her debut, Lucy’s initial response was a blend of astonishment and amusement.

She fondly remembers that moment, remarking, “I’m pretty sure I looked at my husband and was like, ’She’s healthy?’” It was a fitting way to encapsulate the unexpected twist life had thrown their way, making Reese’s arrival a touch less extraordinary than they had originally anticipated.

“Her nose appeared quite swollen, and her eyes were rather small,” the new mom recalled. She also mentioned that, in hindsight, not a soul, not even the nurses in the delivery room, made an effort to gloss over the fact that Reese didn’t exactly fit the conventional image of a cute baby.

“People just didn’t have much to say about her looks,” she chuckled.

When Harper, Reese’s sister, finally had the chance to hold her new baby sibling, she, too, couldn’t help but notice the stark contrasts between them. Although Harper was likely excited about her new role as an older sister, she couldn’t resist sneaking a look at her mother and candidly remarking on Reese’s appearance, labeling it as “weird”. Lucy, their mother, consoled Harper, acknowledging that there was indeed some truth to her observation.

The “ugly baby” Tiktok challenge

It’s widely recognized that it’s almost a social taboo for mothers to openly admit that their children might not be the cutest. However, Lucy Baehr fearlessly delved into this delicate territory through TikTok. She embraced a trending challenge in which people shared their stories of anticipating an exceptionally cute newborn but being met with a different reality. With a hearty and good-natured chuckle, the mother of three boldly proclaimed that she had taken the crown in that department!

When Baehr stumbled upon the trend of people sharing images of their “less-than-cute babies” on TikTok, she couldn’t resist joining the trend. At one point, her video had garnered the attention of nearly 24 million viewers. It turned into a lighthearted and humorous affair, with some users playfully suggesting that her daughter bore a resemblance to Mr. Bean or Harry Potter’s Dobby!

Most of the comments from her TikTok followers were all in good fun. One person even quipped that Reese looked “like a villager.”

Another person playfully guessed that the little girl definitely took after her father. Someone else couldn’t help but sympathize with the idea that women endure nine months of nausea and drama, only for their kids to come out “looking like their dads.” Another added, “Newborns are rarely, if ever, cute. They’re a ‘trust the process’ kinda creature.”

However, while many on social media found Baehr’s post to be light-hearted fun, some didn’t share the sentiment. Some believed poking fun at a child was in bad taste and sharing such a clip on social media wasn’t right.

The new mom faced significant criticism for poking fun at her baby.

Baehr candidly discussed the backlash she encountered, with some individuals branding her a “terrible mom.” Detractors expressed worries that her viral post might have a detrimental effect on Reese’s self-esteem. Nevertheless, Baehr remained resolute in her position, emphasizing that she was merely being truthful.

The mother of three clarified her intent to normalize the common appearance of newborns when they are born. She provided reassurances that Reese was perfectly healthy. Baehr even vowed to share this story with Reese someday.

Lucy also held the belief that her daughter would inherit her sense of humor. Her main objective was to convey to mothers that not all newborns conform to the conventional “perfect-looking” image, and that’s entirely acceptable. She stressed that her video was never intended to be hurtful, and she was fully aware that Reese wasn’t ugly.

Lucy further posted a photo of her newborn baby on Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that explained the significance of Reese’s name. She expressed her profound love for the little girl, stating, “You were loved long before you got here.”

The glow-up is real.

However, as time passed, Reese, like a true princess, blossomed into a beautiful baby. Lucy eventually treated her Instagram followers to a glimpse of Reese’s appearance almost three years after her birth. She shared more photos and even a video clip that highlighted her daughter’s striking beauty and vivacity. The comments overflowed with admiration, with people describing Reese as a “beautiful baby girl,” “absolutely precious,” and “a doll.”

Then, on November 4, 2022, Baehr unveiled an Instagram video that documented Reese’s transformation over the years. She disclosed that it took her two years to compile the clip and that it evoked a touch of emotion. The video showcased Reese laughing, smiling, mastering crawling, playing with the family dog, taking her first steps, feeding herself, exploring the world, and evolving into the beautiful little girl she is today.

Reese, now approaching her third birthday, is thriving. “Reese is gorgeous,” Baehr beamed with pride. “She has these huge blue eyes.”

Nonetheless, Reese’s journey serves as a poignant reminder that beauty genuinely exists in all forms and sizes. Her heartwarming transformation and her radiant spirit offer a valuable lesson in embracing our individuality and recognizing the beauty in every child, regardless of their appearance at birth.

Recently, another mom faced criticism on the internet for sharing a video of her young daughter getting her ears pierced.


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