Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Facts That Reveal Even More Mysteries of Our World

Even though information has become easily accessible in modern times, it’s hardly possible to memorize everything. Every day, people all over the world make new discoveries, share the results of their research or experiments, and come across unexpected facts or circumstances. Of course, no one is capable of processing this huge flow of information, but we’ve found the most interesting facts for you and put them together in this article.

8 Examples of How to Solve Rebus Puzzles

Mathematical rebuses are graphical puzzles in which numbers and arithmetic operations are encrypted. To solve them, one normally needs to use logical thinking and savvy. Moreover, they develop non-standard thinking because a mysterious picture can be interpreted differently while searching for the answer.There are certain tricks you can use to solve these puzzles. Understanding the positioning of words is one of them. But, a rebus puzzle is so much more and it might take a lot more brainpower to be able to solve it. So, are you interested in how to solve these tricky rebus puzzles? We have prepared some tricks to help you succeed in solving rebus puzzles. Read more in this article.

20+ Weird Hygiene and Etiquette Rules That People Used to Follow Centuries Ago

In the present day, when a person can take a shower a few times a day, it’s hard to imagine that just a couple of centuries ago, even royalty couldn’t afford this luxury. Our ancestors had many restrictions in their life which were linked not only to hygiene but also to the rules of conduct at the table, in public, etc.

12 Cool Things We Could All Do As Babies, and Then We Grew Up and Forgot How

It’s not easy for young parents to accept the fact that they have a tiny person with their own temper, personal preferences, and traits. And even though they seem helpless with some things, they are actually superior to adults. We have read some facts about the superpowers babies have, and now we’re even more fascinated by them.

15+ Unexpected Facts About Ancient Egyptians That Would Even Make Your History Teachers Blush

What we know about Ancient Egypt is mostly from our school history books and movies. We see the great pyramids, amazing kings and queens, and the luxuries of their tombs. And these things are interesting, there’s no doubt about it, but there are some other things not everyone knows about.

20 Tips That Prove Creativity Will Come Exactly When You Need It the Most

If you ever wondered if it was possible to live more simply, the answer is yes. Internet users share all sorts of tips on the interwebs, from how to stop losing the remote control to how to use a water bottle as a flashlight (that’s right, just like you read!).

18 Times Social Media Helped People Find Out What These Utensils Are For

Man is capable of creating great things to help him perform everyday tasks. This includes objects that not many know what they are used for or how. Most of these things are found in the kitchen, a place where every process has a specific utensil. Luckily, getting an answer these days is much easier with the help of the internet.

20 Parents Shared Their Children’s Drawings With Us and Our Illustrators Jazzed Them up With Their Magic Touch

Thanks to their boundless creativity children are able to imagine lots of things we’d never come up with and even in most cases turn their ideas into something real. The craziest thing is that they’re able to do that with nothing but a few crayons and a piece of paper. If you don’t believe us, just take a look.

19 Things Whose Designer Deserves a Salary Increase

Designing a product must be a demanding job. That’s why some manufacturers deserve an award for creativity because, in addition to thinking that an object fulfills its function, they add details that make it easier to use. In a world where design almost always reigns supreme, practicality becomes a unique concept, and the inventors below have won our hearts for it.

19 Hiding Spots and Secret Stashes

Good hiding spots are located in places where we least imagine: a secret compartment inside a drawer, a door that is not visible to the naked eye, or the extra space inside the car key. With enough creativity, you can find and build great nooks and crannies for anything.

25 Cool and Weirdest Inventions

Rarely do we find an object that makes us fall in love at first sight, but they do exist.