19 Hiding Spots and Secret Stashes

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Good hiding spots are located in places where we least imagine: a secret compartment inside a drawer, a door that is not visible to the naked eye, or the extra space inside the car key. With enough creativity, you can find and build great nooks and crannies for anything.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we bring you photos of some of the hiding places that amazed us the most, and we want to see if they also impress you.

1. “Wardrobe inspiration from Narnia.”

Have you ever wanted to have one of those hidden places in your house? Look no further, this wardrobe idea isn’t only magical, but also so aesthetically pleasing. And if someone wanted to play hide and seek at your house, they’d be vastly disappointed, but at least impressed.

2. “Hidden basement door I built.”

Harry Potter would definitely approve of this if he wasn’t so traumatized by the mere concept. But seriously, imagine how many secret stashes you could have in that space!

3. “My 2010 Jeep Wrangler key fob has a ’secret compartment’ big enough for an emergency twenty dollar bill or 3 microSD cards.”

Now a key fob would be the last place a thief would suspect of having stashes of money inside of it. That’s what makes it so perfect.

4. “Secret door at my local supermarket (not super hidden but I like the idea of using this for commercial properties).”

How cool would it be if all of our local shops had hidden places in them? Some shopping with a hint of whimsy can make anyone’s day that much more exciting.

5. “This house I toured had a hidden entrance to their utility room.”

How to make the most plain room in your house exciting? Just add a secret passage to it, and you’re all set.

6. “I added a secret den to our walk-in wardrobe using Brimnes.”

That’s one of the best and coziest hide spots we’ve ever seen. Any introvert or a lover of the hide and seek game needs it in their home.

7. “There’s a half-height door hidden behind a normal-sized door in my basement.”

We’re struggling a bit with the practical side to this door, but we’ll trust the owner on it. It certainly wouldn’t be something we’d expect upon opening the first door, that’s for sure!

8. “My Devil’s contract I made for my group to sign with hidden writing. It is one of my warlocks patron in disguise.”

Of course, who would suspect that a simple piece of paper is actually hiding a secret? This guy is an evil genius, and we’re here for it.

9. “Anyone have any advice? Found in the floor of my house.”

Imagine the treasures that thing must hold! It’s pretty clever to have a safe in your floor, no one would suspect, we’re definitely taking notes.

10. “Remodeled the bathroom and added this hidden drawer under the sink cabinet.”

Why would someone want a secret drawer for hiding objects in a bathroom? We’re not sure we want the answer to that question, but they get and A+ for creativity from us.

11. “Was walking my dog the other day and someone threw out some speakers. I was wanting to build a new stash spot for my stuff, so I got creative.”

That’ll work until your next party, but how creative!

12. Anywhere can be a good hiding place.

This is one of the coolest and nutritious money stashes we believe we have ever seen. Not only the kitchen would be the last place anyone would think to look for money, but a banana stand? Perfect solution, you’ll never go hungry or broke!

13. “The janitor’s area in this bathroom is behind a hidden wall”

No more awkward tiny doors that stand out too much in the bathroom. And it must make the janitor feel like James Bond. Where can we apply?

14. “Found in an unfinished basement of an old home. Looks like a coin but it’s hollow and opens up.”

We can thank the helpful comment above for the explanation, because we were racking our brains trying to figure what could fit in that coin.

15. “A window hidden behind the bathroom mirror.”

A bit of a questionable solution, but makes perfect sense for privacy reasons. Plus, we imagine it’s a real space-saver, so we’re on board!

16. “I was helping my Dad move into his new office, when we found a trapdoor...”

“We had not seen this when we searched the place. There we found many plans and technical drawings from the 1950s or 1960s, a newspaper from 1937, and a light bulb from the 1950s, among many other things. The site seemed to go much further, possibly underneath the whole complex, but there was some wood blocking the way.”

Perhaps it was one of workers’ hiding spots for when they go on a break and don’t want to be disturbed by annoying co-workers. If not, then you’re welcome to this idea, we won’t claim too much credit.

17. “Hidden”

Now why would you hide such pretty neon lights? We’d proudly display it, but it must be nice knowing there’s a little secret to a seemingly ordinary room. It’s like you’re a secret spy, we totally dig it.

18. A cinema under our house

This takes the crown of all hiding spots! We’d spend more time there than the actual living room, how cool is this place?

19. “The house I stayed at for New Year’s has a hidden bedroom, with a secret bookcase door.”

Where do you consider the best places to hide your treasures? Don’t hesitate to share your best hiding places with us!

Preview photo credit notadeckofcards / Imgur


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