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9 Things You Should Keep in Mind When Choosing a New Pair of Jeans

It’s hard to imagine a modern woman’s wardrobe without a pair of jeans because they help to create different styles and looks. For example, you can wear jeans as everyday clothing, or make them part of a casual ensemble. On average, a modern woman has 7 pairs of jeans. And if you want your denim to serve you longer, you should know what things to pay attention to in order to choose a high-quality item.

The size of the pockets

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Back pockets need to be proportionate to the size of your bottom, otherwise they can ruin your entire look. Pockets that are too small will make your butt look larger, while pockets that are too large will consume your bottom.


Many people think that cotton jeans are the best possible quality. But in fact, a new pair of jeans made of cotton won’t serve you for a long time. These jeans will quickly sag at the knees and hips. But jeans which have elastane in their composition are much more durable.

Even classic models should have at least 2–3% elastane or Lycra, and for skinny jeans, up to 10% elastane is acceptable. Otherwise, even washing will not help these pants regain their original shape.


If the jeans you’re trying on in a store are slightly small, this should not be a reason to not buy them. The fact is that jeans tend to stretch, so after a while, they will become larger by about half a size. The waistband and the upper back part will be the first to take on a comfortable shape: they are subjected to maximum pressure during wear. Jeans that are a bit too big for you when they are still new are more likely to lose their shape soon after you wear them.

How can you tell jeans that will eventually fit from those that will remain too small? Sit in a chair in the fitting room: if the pants are too tight in the waist, making it difficult to move and breathe, this size is too small for you. If they are just a little tight — congratulations, you’ve found the perfect pair!


Real denim has a characteristic twill weave that produces a diagonal ribbing. The front side of the fabric should be darker than the wrong side. The fact is that with denim, only the warp threads that prevail on the front side are dyed, so the inside of any denim item should be lighter than the outside.


Zippers, buttons, rivets, and other accessories on jeans should be made of metal (most often, they are made of brass, copper, aluminum, or nickel). Metal parts are more durable and are better suited for denim which is quite rough.

Make sure there are no nicks, chips, or other defects on them and that the zipper works well. Otherwise, some embarrassing situations might occur.

Belt loops

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As a rule, there are 5 belt loops on jeans for maximum support. Some brands (Wrangler, for example) add 2 more belt loops to their models.

If a pair of jeans has less than 5 belt loops, it’s not worth buying them: the belt won’t be able to fit snugly, which will affect their comfort and appearance. Loops should be parallel to each other, and sewn with an even and strong stitch.

The distance between the bottom of the fly and the crotch

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High-waisted jeans most often have a big distance between the bottom of the fly and the crotch. This can visually change the proportions of the body. To avoid this, choose jeans where the distance between the fly and the crotch is short.

The color of the care tag

A care tag should be white. If it’s red, green, or any other color, it can color bleed during the wash and ruin your new jeans.


Some designers decorate jeans with creases. You can find them in the areas around the crotch or knees, for example. But be careful with this because these lines stress the areas they’re placed on. If you don’t want to draw attention to a particular part of your body, choose jeans that don’t have creases there.

The author of this article is not very tall. So, the main problem she has to deal with when buying jeans is that they are too long for her. Luckily, the “Petite” section has recently appeared in many online stores. There, she can find jeans in the perfect length.

What difficulties do you often experience while choosing jeans? Tell us in the comments below.

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