Ciara’s Oscar Party Outfit Choice Was Severely Criticized, But She Slapped Back Harshly

7 months ago

Ciara, 38, the famous R&B singer, always looks amazing at fancy events. She wears beautiful dresses and stylish outfits that make her stand out. Whether she’s wearing a long gown or a cool and modern outfit, she always looks fantastic. But sometimes she gets critics for her outfit choice, like it had happened with her Oscar Party look.

All eyes were on Ciara during the Oscar party, as she looked stunning in her see-through, crystal-embellished, halter dress with a plunging neckline. Given that her black thong was visible through the sheer, backless dress, some people deemed her outfit to be too revealing.

Ciara’s outfit choice heated a discussion on her post on Instagram. Some people were disappointed with her and wrote guesses about what her husband’s opinion was: “Russel definitely didn’t approve. I just know he didn’t.”

Immediately lots of reply appeared. Some were very supportive: “He’s standing right there, their marriage their business.” While other followers agreed with the statement.

Also, some people appealed to her sense of respect as a married woman and mentioned: “You’re a married woman and have some respect. I feel sorry for your husband!”

This post about Ciara’s Oscar Party outfit gained almost the biggest number of comments, 26,6K. That was a real resonance.

A few days later, Ciara made a TikTok video as a reaction to the backlash she’d been receiving. She chose to throw in a little sarcasm and add humor to the whole situation.

In the clip, the star’s body was entirely covered from head to toe in what looked like a bed sheet. She finished the whole look with a pair of dark sunglasses. She added text on the video that said: ’’POV: How I’m pulling up to Vanity Fair next year,’’ and accompanied her statement with a cry-laughing emoji.

The TikTok clip got a lot of positive reactions from her followers, who supported the star and took her side.

One fan wrote, ’’Haters gonna hate. You looked beautiful,’’ and another added, ’’Cici you looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!!’’

Unfortunately, celebrities often face harsh criticism for their outfit choices, appearance, and life decisions. With their lives constantly in the public eye, they are subject to intense scrutiny and judgment. Despite these challenges, many celebrities use their platform to promote self-acceptance and speak out against the toxic culture of criticism.


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