10+ Great Dads Who Are Ready to Do Anything for Their Kids

4 months ago

Fathers often add a little humor and man’s touch to the family idyll. They try to do everything possible to make their child’s life a bit better. And when their kids are still children, they renovate their rooms and cook breakfast, but as their kids grow up, fathers try to save them from different unexpected problems.

“I sent my dad a photo of a cool planter a few months ago because we both love plants. And this man built me one for my birthday. I’m 1000% convinced I have the best dad on the planet.”

A caring father

  • When me and my sister were kids, our dad made a second doorbell for us that was placed 2 feet lower than the first one. He did it so that we could reach it and ring the doorbell like everyone else. I’ve never seen anyone else having done this in my life.

“I hope he likes animals!”

We can’t even say which of them is right.

  • We went to a Christmas party at our son’s school when he was in the first grade. All of the children were dressed nicely in different costumes, and our son was Batman. Then we met our friends whose son was dressed like a gift. Seriously, the costume consisted of a box and a bow on top. So, we were talking when our children ran up to us. I bent down and asked the boy, “Oh, you have such an interesting costume. What does it mean?” And he replied, “Mom said I’m a gift, and dad said that I’m something weird with a bow.”

Breakfast made by a dad

Small deeds that reveal big love

It was very cold in our apartment in winter when I was a kid. And we had a vacuum cleaner that heated air during cleaning. So, my dad vacuumed my room for hours every evening to make it warmer.

“A cookie cutter I made for my kid.”

He still had to live with him.

  • My dad never liked my husband. He thought I deserved someone better. During our wedding, he didn’t make any toasts and even asked me a couple of times, “Are you sure?” For all these years, I’ve replied with the phrase, “Dad, it’s not you who is going to live with him!” A month ago, we had a fire in our apartment, so we’re renovating it now. We all decided that we would live with my parents until the renovation work was finished. We don’t disturb anyone and try to be quiet (almost invisible). Luckily, dad doesn’t make any remarks about this and seems fine to live with my husband under the same roof. But still he mutters from time to time, “So, you said it’s not me who is going to live with him, right?”

“My son wanted this type of a hot dog for breakfast. He got it.”

“I made this dollhouse for my daughter, including windows and doors.”

There’s nothing more important than our favorite things.

  • In childhood, I loved pears. But we were quite poor. I once asked my dad to buy me some pears, and was happy to eat them the following day. Later, I found out that my dad dismantled his motorcycle — our only vehicle — and sold some of its parts to buy me pears.


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