12 Eerie Stories That Continue to Haunt People to This Day

5 months ago

In our pursuit of comprehending inexplicable events from our past, certain memories evoke sheer terror. The online realm is where individuals divulge their eerie and peculiar encounters that genuinely unsettle them. Although these narratives may resemble something out of a suspenseful novel, they are accounts of real events as shared by ordinary people.

  • On my previous job, when our building was still under construction, the only floors that were occupied were the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 7th. One time I was alone inside the elevator, going from the 1st to the 6th floor when suddenly it stopped and opened on the 3rd floor. Normally, I would just disregard it, but rumors were all over that a ghost child was playing around on the vacant floors. So, I pressed the closed button as fast as I could. When it closed, I heard noises like someone was tapping their fingers on the walls of the elevator. © sizzlorr26 / Reddit
  • The night my father-in-law passed away, my husband and I stayed with my mother-in-law so she wouldn’t be alone. The room we stayed in had a rocking chair in the corner, which had been placed there recently. We went to sleep, and at some point, I remember waking up facing the rocking chair and seeing my father-in-law rocking back and forth, just watching us sleep with a sweet smile on his face. Then I realized I was still sleeping and dreaming, but I was floating above the bed, watching my father-in-law watch us sleep. It felt like an out-of-body experience, except it was so real, not at all like a dream. I felt completely calm and at peace, too. © twittlez / Reddit
  • On the way to a camping trip, I passed by an old, painted-up car with decorations of Muppets and stuff on it. Obviously owned by a crazy person who couldn’t drive over 50mph. Without stopping, we passed the same car 40 minutes later. © MonkeyCube / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, I woke up in the middle of the night to my bed shaking. Normally, that would scare me, but instead, I was just kind of annoyed. I rolled over and muttered, “Stop it.” The shaking stopped immediately. But what happened next is what left me petrified: a deep male voice right beside me calmly said, “Sorry.” I’m pretty sure my childhood house was haunted. © NinaLaPirat / Reddit
  • I’ve had a bunch of encounters, some with what look like ghosts and others that seem like they could be from another world. The scariest thing that ever happened to me occurred around 2 am when I was just trying to sleep and browsing through Tumblr. I saw a shady-looking arm try to grab my leg. When I went to the edge of the bed to see what it was, my vision became blurry. At that moment, I just said, “Forget that, I don’t wanna see what that was.” Whatever it was, it messed with my sight so it could leave. © Adrnrmo / Reddit
  • I was about 12 years old, watching my little brother while my parents were out at work. I went to get something from the garage, and I heard a whisper that said, “Come here.” I freaked out and grabbed my brother, rushing upstairs to our room to call my neighbor. We checked the house, and there was nothing. Eventually, I realized I was being foolish, although the memory still creeps me out to this day. © RizKoale / Reddit
  • My brother and I were probably about 7 and 5, respectively. We used to wake up every weekend and play computer games before my parents woke up. One day, we turned on the computer and got an eerie message that was directed to us. It said: “Hello, Kid A and Kid B, this is your computer talking, and I. AM. ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Do not run and tell your parents; they cannot help you now!!!” Turns out my dad had programmed the computer to say that upon startup. This was the mid-’90s. © AGKontis / Reddit
  • When I was 14, I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel my dad’s presence in my room. I could even kind of see him in that way you see ghosts, blurry and out of the corner of your eye.
    The thing is, my dad wasn’t dead and is still very much alive. Every time it happened, I would hear him say, “I’m leaving,” and then the sound of the fence closing and a car speeding away. This happened about 3 times between October and December 2000. My dad did leave us in February 2001. It stopped about a week before he told us he was leaving. © ScifiGirl1986 / Reddit
  • I lived downtown in a basement apartment, and they used those window-type blocks to frame the bathroom door, allowing enough light to come through to see by. One night, I woke up and noticed my boyfriend standing at the end of the bed near the bathroom door. I propped myself up on my elbows and waited a few seconds. He didn’t move, so I told him to come back to bed and then rolled over to fall back asleep. I promptly sat bolt upright when I realized my boyfriend hadn’t stayed over that night, and I was alone; the figure was gone. © stella_the_diver / Reddit
  • Nighttime. Sitting in the other room when I heard a familiar clicking sound of the stereo being turned on. I went to the room it was in, and as I stood in the doorway, I watched as it turned itself up rapidly to full blast. It was the type that had the dial you had to twist to turn up and had the digital display of the numbers as you did. It happened a few other times. Only at night. Only when no one else was around. I would wait for it to finish. © AeternumNoctem / Reddit
  • Right out of high school, I moved in with my sister and grandfather to take care of my grandfather and my sister’s child. My nephew was very attached to my grandpa. After my grandfather died a few months after I moved in, my nephew stopped babbling the same way he did with my grandfather (nephew was 6 months at the time). Late at night, my nephew would often leave whatever room he was in and toddle out, babbling like he did at grandpa. He would always then go to the same spot in the front living room, look up at something that wasn’t there, and try to give it toys to play with. One day he turned to me when I went to gather him and said, “Papa bye-bye” and proceeded to wave in the direction he was always talking. He never did it after that. © Colt3792 / Reddit
  • My friend was taking a shower in her dorm room one night. The building where her dorm was located is around 100 years old, and a lot of creepy stuff has happened there over the past decades. As my friend is showering, out of nowhere... BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!! The door sounded like it was going to break down. While the banging was still going on, my friend jumped out of the shower, ripped open the door to find nothing but her empty room. The door to her dorm was locked too. © Unknown user / Reddit

Frequently, unsettling stories arise from our young ones, sharing accounts of their purported “previous lives.” Although we can never verify the accuracy of these narratives, they can leave us bewildered or even frightened. The stories presented in this article are sure to leave a significant impression, potentially altering your perspective.

Preview photo credit stella_the_diver / Reddit


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