10 Hacks for Your Feet That Are Too Clever Not to Share With Others

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Our feet tirelessly support our ambitions, bearing the weight of countless steps from dawn to dusk as we navigate life’s paths with resilience. Unfortunately, we frequently underestimate the significance of these unsung heroes and neglect their well-being. It’s high time to treat your feet to a luxurious self-care experience, providing the love and attention they genuinely deserve.

1. Toothpaste for yellow nails

How to do it:

  • Apply toothpaste to your nails
  • Scrub them thoroughly with an old or unwanted toothbrush
  • Rinse with warm water

2. Soften and remove clavus

For this hack, you’ll need an aloe vera leaf and a razor:

  • Cut the aloe leaf in half, vertically
  • Rub it over the hard skin of your feet
  • Remove the hard skin with the razor

3. Get rid of bad smell in your sport shoes

If the insole of your sneakers are smelly because of the sweat, replace it with a hygienic towel. Stick it to the inside bottom of the shoe and wear them as usual.

4. Easy French manicure

How to do it:

  • Stick a band-aid on each of your nails, leaving a curve free on the top
  • Cover the top with white nail polish
  • Remove the band-aids

5. Turn your boots into unique fashion pieces

Here, you’ll need neon markers and beads:

  • Paint the seams of the sole of the boots
  • Replace the laces by white ones
  • Insert colorful beads through the laces

6. Clever fix for broken flip flops

For this hack, you’ll just need your hair ties:

  • Wrap your hair ties around the shoe, grabbing the upper cover that’s loose

7. DIY boots cleaning device

Here, you’ll need a hot glue gun, broom bases and a plastic container:

  • Glue the brooms to the edges of the container, facing in
  • Rub your boots against the brooms to get them clean

8. Protect yourself from corns

Here, you’ll need a balloon:

  • Cut the narrow part off the balloon
  • Put the wider part on your toes and wear your shoe as usual

9. Craft your own massage flops

You’ll need a hot glue gun, beads and a silicon brush:

  • Glue the beads on the top and bottom of the insole of the flip flop
  • Glue the brush to the middle of the insole

10. Remove false nails with dental floss

For this hack, it is better to use floss with a plastic base:

  • Hook the floss to the inner edge of the false nail or gel coat that has grown in and is already well behind
  • Push the floss to the outer edge of the nail
  • Remove the false nail or gel coat

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Preview photo credit 5-Minute Crafts / YouTube


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