12 Clever Hotel Hacks You Truly Need To Know Before Your Next Trip

8 months ago

Thanks to the internet, you can discover ways to enhance your travel experiences, making them more convenient, budget-friendly, and less stressful. Those who frequently journey for business have mastered the art of adapting to new environments without sacrificing their creature comforts. We’ve compiled a selection of valuable tips that are sure to come in handy during your next hotel stay.

If security in a hotel is a questionable issue, hang a glass on the doorknob before you go to sleep. If someone tries to open the door, you’ll wake up, and the intruder will be frightened by the sound.

Place a soap bar on the to-go coffee cup lid so it can dry.

Many rooms have a hair dryer. This is useful if you need to dry your wet shoes.

You can “iron” your clothes in the shower. Just hang your clothes on hangers and turn on the hot water for 5-10 minutes.

You can wash a soiled item in the sink by plugging the drain with a piece of toilet paper in a bag. You can also use softened soap.

If the curtains fit together loosely, and you are obstructed by light from the street, use a hanger with clothes pins to secure the halves together.

The ironing board can be easily converted into a workstation. It can also be used as a changing table, or you can put suitcases on it.

If you have nowhere to put your toothbrush, stick it in the bottom of a cardboard cup.

If in doubt about the quality of the ice, do not put the cubes in your drink. Instead, place the glass or cup in a container of ice.

The TV remote control in a hotel is a dirty item. To avoid soiling your hands, wrap it in a shower cap or a disposable slipper bag.

Roll up a towel and place it under the door. This will make the room quieter and darker.

If you forgot makeup remover, hair conditioner can serve as an alternative.

Stay tuned for more clever life hacks from creative individuals that you might find helpful.


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